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The Blood-Red Pencil Editors are also published authors. Check out some of our latest and most popular releases! Genres include Mystery, Thriller, Fantasy, Romance, Memoir, and books to help you with your writing craft.   Linda Lane Tormented Tango Family must be protected at all costs. Even if it means killing them. Former prosecutor Aidan Wolf runs a small legal aid office. Defense lawyer Jenna Jacobs rarely loses a case, but she lost Aidan Wolf. District Attorney Wilson Howell, wife Becca, and their two teenagers live in what he believes is near-perfect bliss. And then…  Buy Here Linda Lane The Accounting What if the person who should love you the most hurts you the worst?  A powerful story of families that you won’t soon forget. Woven through its pages, The Accounting shares within its carefully crafted plot and well-defined characters events that will forever change the lives of four Kohler households. Family dynamics expose their weaknesses and reveal their strengths as they a
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Writing the Truth

In a recent episode of Fresh Air Weekend, there was an interview with author Thomas Mallon, renowned essayist and historical fiction novelist. It was a most fascinating interview, focused on highlights of his career, an article in The New Yorker Magazine, and the recent release of his novel Up With The Sun .    A story about  Dick Kallman, who was an up-and-coming actor in the fifties and sixties, a closeted gay man for much of his life. Kallman had faded into obscurity until his murder in 1980. Here's what Booklist said about Up With the Sun,    "Another superb novelization of real life . . . Fluidly written with well-realized characters, the novel is great gossipy fun to read. Film and theater buffs will be delighted." In response to the question of whether the characters he creates have to be real people who interacted with historical figures; or whether what he puts into the mouths of historical figures is credible, he said that the reader should always remember “th

Are We Being Watched?

I’ve always been a bit paranoid that voice activated systems like Alexa are listening to the conversations going on in your house. And do you know what?  They are.    Someone related an episode where the person used a cuss word, and Alexa butted into the conversation to ask if her mother knew she had a potty mouth. I’m not sure whether that anecdote is apocryphal or if it actually happened, but part of me believes it could happen.    My son had his house totally connected to Alexa: doors locked, lights full blast or dimmed, (I couldn’t get enough light to read unless I told Alexa to pump the bulb up to 100%.), TV on or off or station designated, music choices requested (Norah Jones put one granddaughter to sleep.), or to get the weather forecast. All commands were met with the same Alexa voice. Sorry, creepy.    Then, of course, there’s Siri. If you own an iPhone, you get her. I assume because of their names and/or voice, they’re both female. The only thing I’ve used Siri for is to f