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Audio Book Review: My Lord Winter by Carola Dunn #Fridayreads

My Lord Winter Regency Romance Carola Dunn Audible Audio Tara-Louise Kaye - Narrator Tata House LLC - Publisher 6 hrs 30 minutes $17.46 BOOK BLURB: Lady Jane Brooke sought shelter when her coach broke down, and found herself at the Earl of Wintringham’s estate. Trying to conceal her identity, she introduced herself as a governess. Lord Winter, as the apparently cold earl was called, thawed in response to the delightful Miss Brooke, but she knew he would never approve of her deception.

POVs, Dialogue, and Info Dumps

Writers have a laundry list of things we pay close attention to, not only when writing our books but when reading others’ works. Putting aside the typos or grammatical errors – we all make those in the first hundred drafts - the two things that I watch are dialogue and info dumps. Dialogue is the force behind a good book. If it’s not done well, it can ruin a good story, no matter how good the story is. Is the dialogue stilted or natural? Would a person say that sentence or would only a writer write it? Would the speaker use that word? Those are questions I ask myself when I’m writing.