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Adventures in Audio

Image by Jeff Golden , via Flickr My 11th Daisy Dalrymple Mystery, Mistletoe and Murder , is now out in Audio. This may sound normal and ordinary, but in fact it’s slightly odd. Mistletoe and Murder, audio book This book came out in hardcover (St. Martin’s Minotaur) in 2002, and paperback (Kensington) in 2004. The first in the series, Death at Wentwater Court , came out in hardcover in 1994. In 2005, the audio publisher bought rights to and produced the first three—and the 14th and most recent title, Fall of a Philanderer . They left out everything in between, confusing audiobook fans no end. Fall of a Philanderer, audio book Then they wanted the 4th through 7th of the series, which came out in audio in—well, they never sent me copies so I can’t easily check the dates, but it was soon after. For years, I was getting royalties from those 8 audiobooks, but after years of enquiries and promises, the publisher didn’t get round to the next four till just now. Just b

Our December Schedule

Dear friends, Every December, the Blood-Red Pencil editors take the month off, and we share with you previous popular posts. This year, we'll be doing the same, but we'll offer those links from our Facebook and Twitter pages. Please connect with us there. Wishing you all a peaceful and enjoyable December, filled with all the spirit of the season. We look forward to seeing you all in January, after a month of rest and renewal. With fondest regards, Dani Greer & Team