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If you didn’t become a writer to spend most of your time marketing, you need to read this

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Photo of Menekse Stewart, creator of the Marketing Magic Dashboard that uses AI to create bespoke funnels for marketing

So, I’m guessing that when you first decided to write a novel, you envisioned yourself spending the precious time you set aside for writing actually crafting your characters, setting, plot, and working on improving your literary craft. And then rinse and repeat for the next novel and the next. 

And NOT so much that you would be borrowing hours out of that writing time to put together marketing and launch materials, emails, newsletter content, advertisements, funnels, and social media posts. None of us (older than, say, 30) would have guessed that attention seeking, visibility, and “going viral” was going to be such a big part of an author’s platform in the 21st Century. 

And now we have AI. And… are you worried about your career as an author? If your writing is sacred to you, then you don’t need to be. AI can never replace the soul of a piece of writing, the reason a human being decided to write it in the first place. And human readers want to read what human writers write because a massive part of that exchange is the human experience that drives it. Something that AI can never replicate. And good news for us. 

Sure, ChatGPT and other AI “writing tools” can generate text in a flash, but if you are the type of writer who lives and breathes writing, who needs it for expression and philosophical progression, then that is the type of writing you really should be doing more of. 

And less of the marketing copywriting that probably feels a bit icky when you do it. 

So why not use AI to help you with the easy, boring, salesy stuff that anybody could write, so that you have more time for the important work that only you can create?

That’s why it’s a little bit exciting that someone really cool and awesome had that exact idea… and did something about it. Menekse Stewart is smart and funny, and one of those lovely humans who make you appreciate what our species has going for it. Menekse came up with a way to use AI that made my jaw drop when I heard about it (it’s that insanely clever).

Menekse engineered a spreadsheet that uses OpenAI to create custom-made funnel copy, from advertisements to landing pages to email sequences, based on your exact needs and tone of voice, while also excluding your data for privacy reasons

It might be fun to play around with prompts for the time being, but why do that when you could be working on your next book? The spreadsheet does the heavy lifting for you.

The Marketing Magic Dashboard is head and shoulders above anything else being built to utilize ChatGPT,, and the like. Menekse is a genius.

This explosion of AI has rocked the world, but I don’t know if we humans can stop it. So if we want to be part of the group that gets to shape it and make use of it, then we need to get in quickly. And having the option to control your data and your privacy is absolute gold.

If you think this could be something for you, have a look at Menekse’s website:  Menekse Stewart’s Marketing Magic Dashboard 

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