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Writers Gotta Read, Right? – Halloween/Samhain/Día de los Muertos

It seems to me that the end of October and first of November are just crammed with holidays/celebrations. Wonder why? Not sure if that applies to other parts of the year as well, but just saying, I was struck by this as I settled in to write this post. So, without further ado (but maybe a “Boo!” or two), here is some lists of reading lists as the months turn (with a special non-book-related link at the end). Image by  Larisa Koshkina  from  Pixabay Halloween (Oct. 31) Cozy Mystery List:  Halloween Mystery Book List   Elephant on the Road:  15 Spooky Romance Books To Read this Halloween Season   Goodreads Listopia (lists and more lists, by subgenre etc.):  Halloween Book Lists   Bookriot: New Horror Novels:  18 Books to Keep You Scared in 2021   Samhain (Oct. 31– Nov. 1) Goodreads Listopia:  Samhain reads   Best Kids’ Books:  Samhain   Irish Myths:  Samhain Reading List: 13 Frightening Works of Fiction for Celebrating Halloween’s Celtic Roots Corey’s Book Corner (a collection of Samhain

Author Central Page and Foreign Markets

When you upload your book to Amazon, you have the option of distributing to foreign markets and third parties. I have been surprised and delighted to see my books, which I don't market much, sell internationally. I have sold books in Germany, the UK, Canada, even India. Amazon continues to increase the number of countries to their roster. They currently have eighteen sites:  Australia  (45 million customers) Canada  (231 million customers) Brazil  (115 million customers) France  (251 million customers)  Germany / (605 millions customers) India (295 million customers) Italy (270 million customers) Japan  (646 million customers)  Mexico  (89 million customers) Netherlands (33 million customers)  Poland (70,00