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Writing Courses and Books on Writing by the editors of the Blood-Red Pencil Blog.

Diana Hurwitz's Story Building Blocks

Whether you plan first or dissect after, this instructional series can take you from story idea to polished revision utilizing the four layers of conflict theory. Build a cast based on temperament types, and craft unique story worlds. The advice that every scene in a story should contain conflict led Diana on a journey to answer the question, “How do you come up with conflict for every scene?” The result is the Four Layer of Conflict method which takes writers from “I have an idea” to the actual nuts and bolts of “I have the required scenes and all pull their weight.” This method can help new writers complete their first novel and offers experienced writers another way of looking at structure.

Visit the Story Building Blocks tool page for more information and free downloadable forms and resources.

Shonell Bacon's Make Your Writing Bloom

Writer’s block. Writer’s drought. Writing slump. Whatever you want to call it, the inability to write when writing is your passion is painful. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Not when you have Make Your Writing Bloom.

Make Your Writing Bloom is a tool to help writers who are stuck get unstuck. Through a seven-day process, you will examine and write about your love of writing, your favorite writing experiences, the fears and daily goings-on that usurp your writing, and the work needed to blend writing into your busy life. Once you complete those “therapy” sessions, you’ll be ready for the last leg of this journey: picking a story idea, doing some timed writing, and planning your writing for the next 30 days.

If you’ve lost your zest for writing, Make Your Writing Bloom is the book to help you reclaim the zest and put pen to paper.