Thursday, April 29, 2021

Writers Gotta Read, Right? Poetry

Poetry for me started with Mother Goose, many many decades ago. I still have a fondness for the old nursery rhymes, but of course, there's much more to this particular genre. To help you (and me) celebrate/appreciate Poetry Month, I wrangled together the “list of lists" below. So, hickory, dickory, dock, let's hop to it! (Or should that be hickety, dickety, dock?)

Hickety Dickety Dock 2, by William Wallace Denslow
Public Domain 

Finally, if you’d like to “take a gander” at Mother Goose, her (possible) origin, and all those familiar children’s poems from the past (plus a bunch you may never have heard of) check out this All Poetry post. Be sure to scroll down to the list of poems and their links.

If you have a favorite poem or poet or poetry collection, let us know in the comments! We all need more to read, right? ☺

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