Thursday, December 10, 2020

Laugh or Cry, Your Choice


Image by Alexas Fotos from Pixabay

Maryann Miller originally wrote her post "Laugh or Cry, Your Choice", about using humor as a coping mechanism, in September 2019, but in so many ways it is still applicable. Maryann says, "This has been such a challenging ten months for so many of us since the first wave of the Corona virus brought us COVID 19, and now we're bracing for the second wave. How do we stay positive and upbeat through all the ways it impacts our lives?

"It was easier, I think, to deal with the challenges and limitations back in the spring when we thought they were short term.  We were positive. We were strong. We girded our loins and covered our faces and said we would get through this. We had no idea the pandemic would drag on this long and certainly didn't envision celebrating winter holidays without the usual family gatherings. For many of us, Thanksgiving was a bust, and the Winter Solstice Holidays, Christmas for me, aren't shaping up much better.  

"So, what do we do? Like I said back in September 2019, we can laugh or we can cry.

"I'll do my best to follow the advice I offered back then."

Award-winning author Maryann Miller has numerous credits as a columnist, novelist, screen writer, and playwright, and also has an extensive background in editing. You can find out more about Maryann, her books, and her editing services on her Website and her Amazon Author Page read her Blog, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter. Her online workshop on self-editing, part of a series of online writing workshops from Short And Helpful, can be found HERE.

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  1. 2020 is lending a whole new meaning to "grin and bear it".


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