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#FridayReads The Black Pill by LJ Sellers

The Black Pill
L.J. Sellers
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BOOK BLURB - Agent Dallas goes undercover to bring down a pack of online sexual predators, but the secrets she uncovers are more horrific than anyone imagined.

A body wrapped in plastic turns up in the middle of the road—with no ID and no viable explanation. The pressure builds when Detective Jackson must also locate a missing woman that few people seem to know. Fearing for the kidnapped woman’s life, Jackson follows her ex-boyfriend, but the effort backfires in a deadly way.

Across the country, FBI Agent Jamie Dallas takes on a dangerous undercover assignment—tracking a sexual predator who brags about his assaults in a perverse dark-web forum. Dallas travels to Jackson’s hometown and discovers that her target’s crimes are just the opening salvo. Yet confronting the hatemongers could get her killed.

The investigators race the clock to find the victims, but will they discover the connection in time to save all the women caught in the deviant trap?

REVIEW - I found The Black Pill to be an engrossing read, with a terrific blend of suspense and mystery and lead characters to root for. Both Detective Jackson and Agent Dallas are engaging characters, and I like the fact that they're three-dimensional - not stereotypical and certainly not perfect. The personal side to their lives is as interesting as the main plot of the story, especially Jackson's difficulties with his teenage daughter Kate, who is in a controlling relationship. Jackson is conflicted between his need to protect her and the knowledge that he has to let her make decisions that he doesn't approve of. Only when those decisions become threatening, does he decide to step in, which I thought was a very wise parental move, and the struggle between the cop and the father was very real.

It took reading a few chapters into the book for me to figure out that somehow the cases that Jackson and Dallas were involved in were going to intersect, but once I caught on I appreciated that unique approach to bringing the bad guys to justice. And I learned more than I ever wanted to know about human trafficking and incels (Involuntary celibates) What a dark and horrifying group they are, and they're real, which is even more frightening.

L.J. never fails to shape her stories around topics that are relevant, perhaps as her way of helping to educate readers about things out there that we need to be aware of. For sure, this is one case of art reflecting life.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - L.J. Sellers writes the bestselling Detective Jackson mystery/thriller series, a four-time winner of the Readers Favorite Awards. She also pens the high-octane Agent Dallas series, the new Extractor series, and provocative standalone thrillers and scripts. Her 26 novels have been highly praised by reviewers and have sold more than 1.5 million copies.

L.J. lives in Eugene, Oregon where many of her novels are set, and she’s an award-winning journalist who earned the Grand Neal. When not plotting murders, she enjoys standup comedy, cycling, social networking, and attending mystery conferences. She's also been known to jump out of airplanes.
To find out more about L.J. and her books, visit her WEBSITE and her AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE

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  1. Great review, Maryann. Even though this isn't a genre I typically read, you convinced me I should make an exception in this case. The Black Pill has found a spot on my books-to-read list.

  2. Glad you liked the review. L.J. does write some compelling stories.


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