Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Getting Technical with Elle Carter Neal

This week at the Blood-Red Pencil we are celebrating our longest-serving members, with a look back at a selection of their awesome posts.

Children's author Elle Carter Neal was among the first contributors invited to join The Blood-Red Pencil in 2008. As our resident tech guru, Elle spends most of her time behind the scenes to ensure that everything runs smoothly - from scheduling, coding, and backing up, to checking links and troubleshooting. Occasionally she steps into the spotlight to write a (technical) post or two. An experienced editor of fantasy, speculative fiction, and mystery genres, Elle has had more than one million words pass under her red pen.

Elle's latest releases

When Bower Bird claims all the blue in the world, his unwillingness to share sets off a chain-reaction as the other animals race to stake their claim - soon there will be no colour left at all!

Two planets, quantum-entangled but light-years apart. One is Earth. The other is Ground. After a century of waiting, the quantum bridge is once again open. It’s time for a magical adventure in another world.

Elle also has a new chapter book coming out early next year.

Elle's top articles on The Blood-Red Pencil

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