Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Seated Back Stretch

All the book genre research this month might be putting your butt in the chair for lengthy periods of time. In this video, Esther Gokhale shows writers an excellent and easy back stretch to help with long hours at the desk.

For more help with good posture and information about the Gokhale Method, connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


  1. Butt in chair is good for the word count but not so good for health. Very timely advice for me.
    Susan Says

  2. There are so many easy ways to add exercise to the office - we just forget to do it!

  3. I swear by chair yoga for those who have mobility issues and cannot picture themselves standing like a stork or bending like a pretzel. It is mild yet extremely effective. You can even do bed yoga if truly impaired.

  4. The older I get, the more the derrière-in-chair syndrome seems to be an issue. Remembering to exercise is also a problem. When I'm on a writing roll, the last thing I want to do is stop and stretch. Gotta get over that.


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