Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Shakespearean Writing Encouragement

Sheep #1: It's time.

Writer: No.

Sheep #2: It's really time.

Writer: Go away.

Sheep #3: Actually it's way past time.

Writer: Go far far away.

Sheep #1: (blares trumpet) Time to get to work! Time to press that nose to the grindstone! 

Writer: That would leave a mark.

Sheep #2: We're not being literal.

Writer: Oh.

Sheep #2: Remember "Time and the hour run through the roughest day".

Writer: Now you're quoting Shakespeare?

Sheep #1: Why not? We're learned.

Sheep #2: Don't judge us harshly just because we're sheep.

Sheep #3: We bite.

Writer: I thought you were meek.

Sheep #3: (snorts) Seriously?

Sheep #1: Remember "I wasted time and now doth time waste me".

Sheep #2: Richard II.

Sheep #3: Act 5, scene 5.

Writer: (quietly) Wow.

Sheep #1: Just get to work.

Sheep #2: We'll keep quoting all day if you don't.

Writer: Fine. "Courage and comfort, all shall yet go well."

Sheep #1: Hey.

Writer: You're not the only ones who went to school. 

Elspeth Futcher is a bestselling author of murder mystery games and playwright. She has been the top selling author at since 2011. Her British games are published by Red Herring Games in the UK. Her latest game is The Great British Bump Off. Elspeth's 'writing sheep' are a continuing feature in the European writers' magazine Elias and also appear on this blog from time to time. Connect with her on Twitter at @elspethwrites or on Facebook at Elspeth Futcher, Author.


  1. Ah, Elspeth, I'm still chuckling. What a fun way to tell me to get off my posterior (not literally because I have to sit at the computer) and get back to revising that manuscript that's languishing on the hard drive. Then work on the sequel so you get it out before the end of the year. Time's a wastin'. Ba-a-a-a-ad. Waste not, want not (not Shakespeare, but apparently English in origin). :-)

    1. Comfort yourself with this line from Romeo and Juliet: "Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast."

  2. Is this a hint that I should quit messing around on Facebook and get back to editing the book?

    1. Heyre's a line from "As You Like It: "I like this place and willingly could waste my time in it." Facebook, anyone?

  3. I don't remember much Shakespeare, but I must say the ones you remember are great!

  4. So glad the sheep are back. Obviously, they have been studying literature during their sabbatical. :-)

    1. I try to remind them that "Brevity is the soul of wit."

  5. If only more "sheep" read Shakespeare. ;P

    1. As Prospero observes: "We are such stuff as dreams are made on, rounded with a little sleep." (Or should that be 'sheep')?

  6. No!!!! I'd much prefer sleep, perchance to dream.... In all seriousness, that's a terrific kick in the pants to get busy and write. Thanks.

    1. "Though this be madness, yet there is method in 't."

  7. And the reason I didn't get to this post on Wednesday is because I was working. :-) Delightful.


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