Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Out with the Fear, In with the Gratitude

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This morning, there was a ghost of a chance I might finish the book review I had planned for this last day of the month. I'm afraid you'll have to wait until November though. My time somehow disappeared into the ethers. It's just as well, because in November we'll focus on new books published by our friends and favorite writers, to give you ideas for holiday shopping. So I'll share my favorite new thriller author in a few days.

Tomorrow is National Author's Day - how cool is that? I think someone should take us all out to dinner, don't you?

Add to that National Life Writing Month (life writing is what we call memoirs now) and Pursuit of Happiness Week and you see why we can think of lots to be thankful for other than just Thanksgiving Month. We'll share some of the things we're grateful for in upcoming posts, because it's a pretty good time to be a writer despite how bad the news makes it sound. We hope you'll share some of your thoughts and ideas with us.

Everyone have a safe and fun Halloween. If you were costumed as your favorite writer, who would it be? Please leave us a comment!

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  1. So that's what happened last night. My fears must have vanished "into the ethers[sic]" like the time. At any rate, before I finally dragged myself off to bed at midnight, I had untied a plot knot and written another 7,000 words on the next Lior Samson thriller. November should be an amazing month. And tomorrow is our day!

  2. Ah, gratitude. It should earmark every month, not just one. Now as for National Life Writing Month, maybe that means I can get back to my writing life —— if only for some snatched moments here and there. Currently, my time is visiting Dani's in "the ethers."

  3. National Author's Day ... who knew? I'm going to start campaigning for that free dinner.

  4. No one picked up the idea of dressing as a favorite author? I guess I'd dress up as (note: I have typed those last five words one... by... one... because I don't have a clue! So many favorite authors; I'd have to dress as a crowd!

  5. For those curious about the word "ethers" see def. 3 & 4 at

    the upper regions of space; the clear sky; the heavens.
    the medium supposed by the ancients to fill the upper regions of space.

    I'm, of course, using #4, being ancient. And knowing there are multiple ethers, though most earthlings do not. ;)

  6. Terry, have you seen the Jane Austen knitting book? I thought about her right off for a costume, even though I can't say I'm a fan.

  7. At the moment? (and life long) - Snorri or any from that whole crew (Sagas), and H.C. Anderson. and/! But the first two work fine for me for starters... Jen


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