Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Resqueth Revolution by Mark H. Phillips

Revolutions not only change worlds—they often transform flawed men into heroes.

In The Resqueth Revolution, disgraced physicist Steve Marks joins a group of paranormal investigators in their violent confrontations with other-dimensional monsters that feed off human fear. Soon the team must also battle the aliens’ human allies within the U.S. military. As Steve discovers more about the entities, and how to hurt them, he becomes the key factor in the plans of multiple factions. Steve must become a full player in a genocidal game he doesn’t fully understand. He must also rediscover his own integrity—an integrity that will force him to risk his friends, his new-found love, and even the survival of the human species for what he knows is right.

Mark H. Phillips's mystery, suspense, and sci-fi short stories can be found in anthologies A Death in Texas and A Box of Texas Chocolates. Hacksaw, an Eva Baum mystery/suspense, was his first published novel.

The Resqueth Revolution (ISBN-13: 9781440109539), Mark's first science fiction/thriller, has received multiple five star reviews and Midwest Book Reviews wrote, "highly recommended." I have to agree.

If anyone on your list enjoys fiction that blends cutting edge science with nail-biting thrills, mixes ray guns and flying saucers with a touch of romance, moves through unexpected plot twists with over-the-top cinamatic action, laced with complex conspiracies and thought-provoking moral ambiguities, this is the book for you.

Charlotte Phillips is the co-author of the Eva Baum Detective Series, 2009 President for The Final Twist Writers Group and contributor to multiple blogs. Learn more about Charlotte and her books at:


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  1. Congratulations to Mark on all the great reviews. The Resqueth Revolution sounds very interesting and I love the cover.

    Straight From Hel

  2. Love the cover art! Sci-fi books have THE best covers.

  3. Thanks Helen and L. Diane,
    I liked the cover too. I-Universe came up with the design all on their own, and they changed it slightly to accomodate my suggestions. I was very satisfied.

  4. Its a great read! Makes you think while taking a wild ride. ;-)

  5. Why is publishing of science fiction in such doldrums? Science fiction movies still do well. Fantasy fiction still seems to be doing reasonably well. In an age when everyone spends a fortune on cell phones, i-pods, and high speed internet, it seems that books pondering the impact of new technologies would be a positive boon, helping us to mediate future shock.

    One of my students voiced a theory I hope isn't true. She said that readers today are overwhelmingly female and these readers, by percentage, prefer relationship literature. Males are still into tech and science, but simply do not read. Science fiction as a written genre is thus fading away leaving film and TV science fiction undisturbed.

    What do you think?


  6. I am not a science fiction fan, but the cover and review are tempting me. :-)

    As to your question, Mark, I think your student has a good theory as to why sci fi sales are down. Women tend not to get into the real "hardcore" sci fi, at least not among my friends and relatives.

    A long time ago I did read some Isaac Asimov, just because my husband was so enthused about his books, and I did enjoy the stories, but not all the technical and scientific stuff.

  7. This sounds a fun and interesting read. The right sort of sci fi (i.e. the sort that makes you think).

  8. Thanks all for stopping by today. Charlotte

  9. I'd like to thank everyone for stopping by today. I hope you find a gem of a book under your tree this year.

    If you're interested in my question about Sci-fi sales, Charlotte picked up the conversation on her blog today, so I'll be over there all day.




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