Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thank you!

We officially have 400 followers today. We are thrilled spitless and blushing as red as our pencils. Thank you all, over and over, for visiting us every day. We love it!

Dani & editors

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  1. I'd say you have a lot more than 400. Many people (like me) follow blogs on Google Reader, which wouldn't show up in your 'followers'.

    And yay! Well done.

  2. Agreed! If you don't use Google Feedburner to track your traffic, that's definitely worth doing.

    And congratulations!

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  3. Also following on Google blogs. It does tend to make it harder to get to the blog to comment. Trust me you can add at least one to your 400. Moi.

  4. Congrats. You must be doing it right!

  5. such great content brings us back. :)


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