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Podcast Episode 3 - Have you broken your resolutions yet?

Welcome back to the Blood-Red Pencil podcast, with your host, Elle Carter Neal. We would like to wish all our readers and listeners a very happy new year and a successful and prosperous 2023. 

New Year’s resolutions—no matter how well-intended—are made to be broken. Why so? Could it be that they are created on a whim and aren’t backed by the commitment that turns spoken words into physical (or mental) action?

Links mentioned in this episode:

Linda Lane - Resolution or Commitment 
When Linda Lane moved into a smaller place, she spent days going through old files and eliminating bags full of no-longer-necessary papers. She found several rejection letters received years ago when she had sent out her not-quite-ready-for-publication first novel. Most were form letters, but one agent sent a personal note, commenting that the manuscript needed "revision". He was right. 

For the late Helen Ginger, the area of commitment she aimed for was better organisation and structure.

Helen knew that she was the kind of person who worked best with structure and a check list. She managed to put out a weekly newsletter for over 15 years partly because it always came out on the same day each week. By the time Thursday rolled around, that newsletter had to be ready to go. 

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Podcast hosted by Elle Carter Neal 
Elle is the author of the middle grade fantasy The Convoluted Key (first in the Draconian Rules series), the picture book I Own All the Blue, and teen science-fantasy novel Madison Lane and the Wand of Rasputin (first in the Grounded series). She is the editor of the re-release of Angela Brazil's 1910 book The Nicest Girl in the School. Elle is based in Melbourne, Australia. Find her at

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  1. Another great podcast, Elle. I love what you're doing for the BRP.

  2. Good! Next podcast covering sex and profanity? LOL.

  3. I wonder if Helen set up her check-off schedule in defense of her health issues. I do something similar with ADHD issues.

    1. Maybe. Once less thing to have to hold mental energy for.


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