Thursday, October 6, 2022

Amazon Continues to Support Kindle Vella Authors

I began my journey writing for Kindle Vella in January, and I'll write an update soon. But first let me share with you yet another #Free promotion from the Amazon powers. 

From October 5-11, you can read all Kindle Vella episodes for free, up to 100 episodes per day. Go here to explore and read on your smartphone or using a Kindle app for Vella. 

BSP: Click on the left sidebar book image or here to read mine! 

I have been super-impressed with the bonuses and promotions that Amazon has offered to stoke the Kindle Vella fires. Even though gaining reader traction is something of a challenge given the format of the platform (episodic reads on gadgets), it's still a fun way to write and publish, and I highly recommend every author give it a go. With National Novel Writing Month coming up, why not experiment?

Have you heard of Kindle Vella? Thought about publishing with them? Already a KV author? Leave us a comment!

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  1. Still no go for us here in Australia :-( It's like we don't exist to Amazon.


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