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A Kindle Vella Blog Hop

I have been a Kindle Vella author for over four months now and am still loving it! One of the best things is the intensely supportive Kindle Vella author community on Facebook and other social media venues. When Benjamin X. Wretland, a fellow member of Colorado Writers and Publishers, announced he was putting together a blog hop, I couldn't resist joining in. 

Here's your opportunity to meet a few other members of this new Amazon platform and read the first three chapters of their books for free on your smartphone!

Genre: Action & Adventure / Teen & Young Adult 

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Alexandros Iraklidis, a timid farm boy on the Greek island of Anafi, yearns for adventure and a new life away from his family farm and the routine in which he feels trapped. At the prompting of his friend and the gift of a stranger, the boy flees to discover a new life in Crete. When a storm at sea robs him of the chance, Alexandros finds himself stranded on a neighboring island with no way to return home. 

Benjamin, a speculative fiction author, ran with scissors when he was five. He now writes, paints, uses sharp woodworking tools and plays with glue. Sometimes he does these things at the same time. Benjamin lives with his wife Jesse in Colorado. 

Genre: Romance 

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Mix one cynical businesswoman with one overwhelmed Chocolatier, add a pinch of antagonism, a dash of magnetic attraction, and a healthy dose of nooky for a red-hot relationship…or a recipe for disaster. Burned-out and ready for a change, Cara jumps at the offer of a quick deal and extended vacay. After a frosty reception, she sets out to prove small town business owner Derek needs her help in more ways than one. A contemporary, small-town romance. No trigger warnings, and a HEA ending. 

Mina Faraway is the author of inspiring, loving, happy, healing books intended to reach the right people at the right time and offer hope and joy in difficult times. Connect with her social media accounts at 

Genre: Teen & Young Adult / Paranormal 

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Join “Scary Stories for Sleepovers” author & active HWA Member Craig Strickland on a horror adventure at a very haunted mountain hunting lodge. Each diverse local tells newcomers Kelly Allan, 18, and her ex-cop father, Ed, a nasty, unique nightmare–you know the kind. Shadow people. Black-eyed kids. A Japanese Teke-teke. The very recounting of these grim stories seems to awaken something–and people start vanishing. Then Kelly realizes she may be the key. (New episodes drop each Monday & Friday.) 

When Craig was a kid, horror movie icon Lon Chaney, Jr. (the Wolfman, Dracula, Frankenstein, the Mummy) moved in across the street from him—and Craig used to mow his lawn. His website is and his Twitter account is @FictionCraig. 

Genre: Romance / Humor

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Jenna is a newly divorced thirty-something who is trying hard not to let the separation bother her. When her friends talk her into setting up a dating app profile, she gets a little more than she bargained for–from someone she least expects! 

Nicki Rae is an author of Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense. She’s been an avid reader and writer since she was a young girl and published her first novel, Lather, at the age of thirty. She now has five full-length novels out, with the sixth coming later this year. In addition, she has several short stories, including one in Kindle Vella. @authornickirae | Linktree

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

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Four conservative ranchers. Four feminist businesswomen. The most contentious, divisive presidential election in modern history. When a lonely rancher and a sexy widow literally run into each other at a Denver tavern, sparks fly. As fate would have it, their paths keep crossing. But it doesn’t take long for friends and family to see red and feel blue about their connection. Different sparks start flying. Can true love survive all the explosions? What will it take to find the happily ever after?

Dani Greer is a 40-year publishing professional. She is a past book rep, fiction editor, and a coach to authors on how to build their own blog book tours. She has read far too many books landing in submissions mailboxes and has participated in 15 National Novel Writing Month events. Several of those books are now publishing on Kindle Vella. She is also the founding member of the Blood-Red Pencil blog! Connect with her at

Happy Kindle Vella reading! We hope you enjoy the experience. 


  1. I so wish Amazon would open up Kindle Vella to other countries. Those of us in Australia can't even click through to these books let alone read them. :-(

    1. We are all promoting it at the KDP forum! It really is a slick publishing program, despite the early growing pains. I can't imagine they won't expand the program soon. They are pumping enough money into it trying to attract really good writers.


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