Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Romance, Crime, Writing, and Prayer #BlackHistoryMonth

Author, editor, educator Shonell Bacon has been a member of the Blood-Red Pencil since 2009. She writes across the genres of Romance and Crime, along with non-fiction. Check out her book on how to Make Your Writing Bloom! Or click the poster below to browse all her books on her Amazon page.


  1. How did we not know about this writing book? I ask you.

  2. Make Your Writing Bloom needs to be in my library (or on my Kindle). Writers block was seldom an issue for me when I was younger, but lately it has wended its way into my literary life. Thank you, Shon, for providing this tool to give me the kick start I need, and thank you, Elle for this post that brought it to my attention. :-)


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