Thursday, February 17, 2022

Promoting Kindle Vella Stories

Most independent authors recognize that promoting our novels is a crucial factor in our success. The Kindle Vella platform for serials is no exception. However, I’ve found that it presents a few challenges for novelists as we venture into this new format. How do we find new readers or encourage established fans to try serials? How do we promote episodes? The approaches are varied, so I’ll discuss what I’ve done and some of the efforts I’ve seen from other KV authors.

Consistency with images and colors helps with branding, right? I repeat them across a variety of platforms. Twitter allows hashtags for retweeting groups, targeting followers, and reaching people who enjoy serials and romance. Facebook pages/groups allow interacting with readers/writers already familiar with Kindle Vella, updating friends and previous followers, and sharing excerpts. I put links on Twitter to an excerpt on my website and add Kindle Vella links in my newsletter. My first project’s promoting has focused on (1) encouraging novel readers to try the Vella platform, (2) advertising how well the KV project is doing, (3) requesting help to meet goals, (4) informing novel readers that the first season is available for them to binge read, and (5) announcing when the second season will begin. 

Kindle Vella authors make videos for TikTok and YouTube, participate in vlog/blog interviews, create readers’ groups for their established fans, and collaborate by sharing links and reading each others’ stories. Creativity, diversity, and consistency are helpful in reaching new readers no matter the method of promoting. Gage Greenwood is a new author/vlogger whose success is enhanced by YouTube.

Winter's Myths by Gage Greenwood

I also considered whether having a story that will be completed and one that’s an ongoing serial will influence the promotion plan. What does each format require? Now that KV has a “completed” section, I intend to review season 1 of Duty to Love for editing issues, mark it complete, and publish those episodes as an e-book. Then, I’ll have two promotion strategies for the same story—one for the e-book (season 1) and one for episodes being released biweekly (season 2). Consistency for the brand will continue to be part of my strategy no matter how many seasons are written.

In addition to everything already described, I intend to utilize the services of Promotion Strategist LaShaunda Hoffman. She founded SORMAG (Shades of Romance Magazine) and teaches authors how to reach their readers. I learned a lot of useful information early in my career as a novelist and from her tips for KV authors. Another goal is learning how to effectively use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and keywords to direct readers to my work. They can’t read if they can’t find me, right?

Readers are cultivated in a variety of ways and found in a variety of places. In 2022, I plan to use multiple tactics to reach them. Below are several images that represent my efforts.


Introducing readers to me on Vella

Screenshots and tweet showing
Duty to Love being well-received

An excerpt on my website and link added to a tweet

Tweet, promo, and FB banner stating that Season 1 is
complete and Season 2 is coming

Posted by Brynette L Turner, author of romance novels that are contemporary, African-American, or suspenseful in theme. She loves crafting strong characters and plots that celebrate diverse personalities and interesting perspectives. Duty to Love, her first serial on Kindle Vella is a spinoff of the award-winning and USA Today-recommend Dream Catcher Series. Her novels and novellas can be found on Amazon, and many are enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program. Follow her on Facebook or Twitter, or send an email to


  1. "I intend to review season 1 of Duty to Love for editing issues, mark it complete, and publish those episodes as an e-book." That's exactly what I am planning with the current novella. I hope to make this a free e-book to promote the release of a murder/mystery later in the year.

    1. I love this idea! When you say the e-book will be free, do you mean on your website? I've had trouble with Amazon approving any of my books as permanently free, so I'd welcome any advice.

  2. It's not easy to direct readers to your work, so glad you're trying multiple ways to see which works. I hope you'll do a follow-up to tell us what did and didn't work.

    1. Thank you. I will plan on updating. After a few delays, the review is complete and I'm working on Season 2's episodes.

  3. I love the variety of marketing strategies in this chock-full-of-ideas post. Like Polly, I look forward to a follow-up. Wishing you much success in this new venture.


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