Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Revising and Republishing


One of the perks of self-publishing is the option to revise either or both of the cover and interior and republish a book whenever you like. You can fix typos, improve a character arc, patch up plot holes, and even add illustrations. You can make a previously standalone book part of a new series by adding branding to the cover. You can even change the title. Just remember that you must use a new ISBN for any major changes.

I first published Madison Lane and the Wand of Rasputin in 2014, and have been meaning to make some changes for years. Finally, with a book fair looming (which I unfortunately had to pull out of, after all that) I busied myself with updating the cover design and adding my Grounded series branding. I also revised the story to add some explanation to a few cryptic references that were originally only going play out in later books, and I fixed a characterisation inconsistency that was a hangover from the very first draft of what was originally a very different book. 

Elle Carter Neal is the author of the middle grade fantasy The Convoluted Key (first in the Draconian Rules series), the picture book I Own All the Blue, and teen science-fantasy novel Madison Lane and the Wand of Rasputin (first in the Grounded series). She is the editor of Angela Brazil's 1910 book The Nicest Girl in the School. Elle is based in Melbourne, Australia. Find her at ElleCarterNeal.com.

Photo by Amanda Meryle Photography



  1. This is really a cool post, Elle. The idea of combining more than one previously published post to present a multifaced discussion of genres works quite well. Great job!

  2. Great posts by some wonderful writers. I like it when genres are mixed and not put in a particular box. Makes for some interesting reading but begs the question from bookstore owners as to where they fit on the shelf.


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