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Words of Wisdom from Patricia Smith

February 15, 1949 - August 23, 2021 Bellingham, Washington
Patricia Smith
February 15, 1949 - August 23, 2021
Bellingham, Washington
In addition to being part of the Blood Red Pencil Team, Patricia Burkhart Smith was a journalist and experienced professional developmental editor, working for publishing companies and private clients, as well as running her own publishing company. She described herself as, "a writer who wants to explore the creative freedom the Internet provides. I am also the proud mother of two wonderful children, but I still haven't figured out what I want to be when I grow up, or even if I want to grow up. However, I am certainly tired of "growing out," hence, this blog."

Pat always said she had more hobbies than Hobby Lobby and her interests included gardening, cooking, mineral collecting, lapidary work, jewelry making, natural health, herbs, sewing, needlework, and stained glass.

Her published works included:

Fifty Shades of Santa: Clean and Wholesome Romance Short Story Anthology

Christian Family Guide to Total Health

What the Animals Tell Me 

Flipping Houses (Idiot's Guide)

Alzheimers for Dummies

Cupid's Quiver

Shadows After Midnight

In addition to her eclectic books, she graced the blog with great advice for writers:

Being Productive During A Pandemic

Best Ever Hacks for Writing When You Don't Want To

Fear of Writing

Best Ever Excuses for Not Writing

Do You Know Where Your New Year's Resolutions Are?

When A Book Humbles You

Cross My Path - a New Blackie and Care Mystery by Clea Simon

Killer Companions

Fear on Four Paws

Best Ever Critique Groups from History

What Makes You Laugh

What Do Romance Readers Really Want?

Cats and Cozy Mysteries Go Together Like Clotted Cream 

The Futility of Relying on AI Grammar Checkers

How To Tell Good Editing From Bad

How The Internet is Destroying Our Language

Is Editing A Dying Art?

How Not To Sell A Book

Pat's wit, wisdom, and her wonderful spirit will be missed.

Patricia's Obituary

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  1. This is a great reference to Pat's works and literally at our fingertips. Thank you so much for sharing this information, Diana. I will definitely check out the links.

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  3. You did a great job rounding up these posts, Diana. Pat will be sorely missed by all of us. Her posts were great.

  4. Great listing of Pat's books and her posts here. Thanks for doing that, Diana.

  5. She always went above and beyond, didn't she? She will be missed.


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