Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Wordless and Walking

Since I work with words in the day job as well as in my fiction endeavors, there are times when I get tired of them all spinning nonstop in my head. This is especially true in these days of hunkering down "in place," and trying to live the "new normal"— which is constantly shifting and anything but normal!

 When I need to escape, I go for a walk.

I don't go far, usually just around my VERY suburban neighborhood. (I occasionally walk downtown, but that ends up stressing me out since so many folks seem to think the "new normal" equates to "let's just pretend this whole pandemic thing doesn't exist.")

 To calm my jibbering, always-in-overdrive mind, I walk, try to erase words from my mind, and photograph what I see. In other words(!!), I take a short, nonverbal holiday and focus on the visual gifts the everyday world has to offer.

Here's a sample of the sort of images I take:

You can view the photos I take on my little circumambulations on my general Facebook page, under the hashtag #walkawalk.

Ann Parker authors the award-winning Silver Rush historical mystery series published by Poisoned Pen Press, an imprint of Sourcebooks. During the day, she wrangles words for a living as a science editor/writer and marketing communications specialist (which is basically a fancy term for "editor/writer"). Her midnight hours are devoted to scribbling fiction. Visit AnnParker.net for more information.


  1. Wow.Stunning pictures.

  2. As a frustrated photographer, I love your pictures. One of these days, I want to go for walks and take photos of things that catch my fancy. Maybe in the fall -- my favorite season -- I'll head out with my phone and try my hand at it. Thanks for the inspiration, Ann. :-)

  3. Hi Linda!
    It's fun to just stroll around and see what's what.
    Fall is my favorite season too. I just wish I lived somewhere where the autumn colors were more intense. Oh well! We work with what we have...

  4. I admire those who have such fine photographic skills. Your photos are wonderful. I pulled out my good camera a month ago and set it on the table by my favorite chair...and it's still there. Must. charge. battery.

  5. Ann, your photos are absolutely beautiful!

    I had to chuckle a bit because I often walk when I WANT to think about writing and words!

  6. Lovely. I've done the same and have had the luck to photograph an owl who stayed in place right above me while I photographed him. Dozens of Canada geese populate the lake that is right across the street, along with turtles and frogs. It's a nice respite from confinement.


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