Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Best Ever Websites for Writers - Some of my Favorite Places on the Web

Often publications that do best-of series use a format of short bullet points: The best movies, the best books, the best food, etc, All with short lists of what the editors considered listing at the top for the last year or for the last decade.

Here at the Blood-Red Pencil, we've been going a little more in-depth with what we consider the best for the past decade in terms of benefiting the writer, and perhaps the best to use going forward with our writing. For instance, we're looking at the best writers websites, the best writers resources, the best instructional books, and... Well, you get my drift.

Here are some of what I consider the best instructional and inspirational websites for writers. I'd be remiss in not mentioning that the Blood-Red Pencil has a wealth of information and advice, but there are a few other blogs and websites I visit frequently.

The first, and perhaps my favorite, is Writer Unboxed. I've been a fan of that website for a number of years and have found the blog posts most helpful. Contributors are primarily writers who are sharing their experiences with writing, getting to publication, and the business side of writing. They always offer very good tips and advice to help writers at any stage of their career. There is an occasional guest post from an expert about taxes, copyrights, and other business-related topics.

One of my other favorite go-to blogs is Kristen Lamb's blog. I love her somewhat snarky sense of humor that always makes me chuckle a little as I learn something new about writing as well as getting inspiration to keep writing when the going gets tough.

Writer's Digest has a list of some of the top resources for writers, and the magazine itself is a great resource. I subscribed to the paper version long before there was even an online version, or the Internet for that matter. :-) Every month I looked forward to the arrival of the new issue and would devour it from cover to cover. That was very beneficial for my diet plans as paper has fewer calories than that hot-fudge sundae I was craving. The online version of Writer's Digest is just as satisfying.

The Writer, another of the long-ago paper publications that I loved, has an online presence with a list of writer's resources that includes agents, editors, publishers, and more. They also offer inspiration, writing prompts, and a list of contests.

Have you visited any of these websites? Do you find them helpful? Any suggestions for ones we need to include in future posts?

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  1. Great resources, Maryann. Thanks for posting them. I did know a few of them, the Blood Red Pencil, for one. :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing, Polly. There are so many more places on the Internet for writers to get help and inspiration, it would take an entire book to list them all. Do you have any favorites, besides BRP? LOL

  3. Great list, Maryann. Thank you for reminding me these sites exist, and I could benefit for visiting them. :-)


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