Monday, December 30, 2019

Raising a glass to Dr. John Yeoman

We are going down memory lane here at the Blood Red Pencil during the month of December, recalling and honoring BRP regulars and guest contributors. Today, we raise a glass (of eggnog, perhaps, because it is the season) in memory of Dr. John Yeoman, PhD Creative Writing. Prior to receiving his doctorate degree, Dr. Yeoman spent 40 years as a commercial author and chairman of a major PR company. He wrote children's books and historical mysteries for adults and ran the Writers' Village story competition. Dr. Yeoman died unexpectedly in 2016, but his words and his works live on.

Dr. Yeoman's Hippo Yeoman series of instructional novels (unobtrusive tips explain the writing techniques used to craft the stories) are still available from Amazon Kindle, and are well worth working through:


His many insightful posts at the Blood Red Pencil include:


  1. I have not read John's books yet, but the covers alone are enough to entice me. Going on my list now.

  2. I'm in the same boat, Diana... found his posts fascinating. His books sound like they'd be good reads!


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