Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Holiday Tie-Ins

Related novellas and short stories are a way of keeping your readers' attention between releases. Stories that tie in to the holidays offer unique marketing opportunities.

January: A new year's celebration can be utilized in any genre. Characters can face a celebration gone wrong, review the past, or make resolutions for the new year. There is a reason it is referred to as the "bleak midwinter."

February: Valentines Day is a perfect fit for the Romance genre. A novella gives you an opportunity to explore the love lives of secondary characters. There could also be a Valentine murder or a paranormal celebration.

March and April: The spring equinox is ripe with opportunity for paranormal rituals, childbirth or expectant parenthood, perhaps madness that leads to murder.

May and June: May Day was a time for celebrating new life. It is a good month for a wedding, paranormal conflict, or a slighted lover to take his revenge.

July and August: The summer heat can lead to love or madness. The days are long, tempers run high, or lovers can get frisky on a beach.

September and October: Fall brings nostalgia, perhaps a touch of melancholy. The veil between worlds becomes thin on All Hallows Eve. Costume parties are perfect for romantic intrigue, ghost stories, or masked murderers.

November: It is the season of harvesting and giving thanks, perhaps a ritual murder to ensure a plentiful harvest in the spring. It is the perfect setting for gatherings leading to family conflict or relationship stress points.

December: Christmas is the most popular holiday tie-in for books. There is feasting and presents and dashed expectations. Snow and storms isolate and trap characters. Potential lovers can be forced together at a romantic inn. Families and friends gather to celebrate, perfect for a locked room mystery.

In addition to holiday-related novellas and short stories, you can create lists of holiday related books in your genre to help market your work. Group promotion is a great way to increase your audience.

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