Friday, November 8, 2019

#FridayReads - Dracula

On this day in 1431, the inspiration of one of literature's most famous and most enigmatic villains was born -- Vlad Dracula the Impaler. Interestingly enough, today is also the birthday of Bram Stoker (1847), the author who immortalised the legend of the blood-thirsty Romanian prince in his character the vampire Dracula.

How about you? Who in history was born on the same day as you? Or how about historical events? If you have a dig, you might find something that inspires a story... just as the fearsome voivode of Transylvania captured the imagination of a middle-aged Irish novelist over a century ago.

If you'd rather read a classic than write one this weekend, Dracula is available for download from Gutenberg.

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  1. Mary Tyler Moore, Ted Danson Jon Voight, Andrew Johnson, and Marco Antonia, Solis (¡sí!), to name a few. :-)

  2. Irving Berlin is the only one I remember, although not born the same year. :D

    I reread Dracula not so long ago and liked it so much more than I did when I was young. It never hurts to go back to the classics from time to time.

  3. I put my birthday in Google and honestly didn't know who most of those who share the date were. I'd say three or four were names I did recognize. Guess nine months earlier was not a sexy month.

    I've never read Dracula. Might download it.

  4. I almost have Albert Einstein, but I was a little too eager to arrive in this world ;-)


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