Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Writing Workshops October to November 2019

Whether a one day session, one week conference, or a month-long writing workshop writing related events are a good way to commune with other writers. They are opportunities to network and get your name out there. In some instances, you can meet and mingle with editors and agents. Some offer critiques or pitching sessions. Nowhere will you find a higher concentration of introverts enjoying each other's company.

Local conferences are a good place to meet potential critique groups or recruit members.

Some are free. Some require a fee. Some are more social than others. Many are for new writers, but a few dig deep into craft. You should choose an event that speaks to your needs and desires.

October 1-13, 2019 Women Writing the West Conference, San Antonio TX. http://www.womenwritingthewest.org/currentWWWConference.html

October 4-7, 2019 INd'Scribe Con and Book Festival, Burbank, California
October 17-20, 2019 GayRomLit Retreat, Portsmouth, Virginia,
October 25-27, 2019 Magna Cum Murder, Columbia Club, Indianapolis, Indiana http://cms.bsu.edu/academics/centersandinstitutes/ebball/magnacummurder

October 24-27, 2019 Sirens Conference (Fantasy), Beaver Creek, Colorado

October 25-27, 2019 Surrey International Writer's Conference, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada https://www.siwc.ca/
October 31 - November, 2019, Highlights Idea Generator for Novelists, Milanville, PA

November TBA, 2019 Algonkian Monterey Writer Retreat, CA

Diana Hurwitz is the author of Story Building Blocks: The Four Layers of Conflict, Story Building Blocks II: Crafting Believable Conflict, Story Building Blocks III: The Revision Layers, and the YA adventure series Mythikas Island. Her weekly blog, Game On: Crafting Believable Conflict explores how characters behave and misbehave. Visit DianaHurwitz.com for more information and free writing tools. You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. You are so good about keeping us informed about upcoming events that offer great opportunities to hone our craft. Thank you for doing this regularly, Diana. Your efforts really are appreciated.

  2. Thank you for this. Don't forget the Women Writing the West Conference Oct. 1-13, this year in San Antonio TX. http://www.womenwritingthewest.org/currentWWWConference.html

  3. Wish I could go to some of these conferences. Thanks, Diana.


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