Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Writers Gotta Read, Right? – June is bustin' out all over

It's JUNE, the start of summer and perhaps a little more reading time for us all. If you delve into this list of June holidays, there's a mountain of holiday themes to plan your reading around. So, without further ado, here are a few holiday-themed June reading lists.

Earlier this month, BRP blogger Maryann Miller offered up some Father's Day reads. Here are a few additional lists to consider:
 Now, how about the rest of the month? Well, June is Gay Pride month.

Image by Jasmin Sessler from Pixabay
Hold your rainbow flag high with pride with these book lists:
Also, as BRP blogger Linda Lane noted in her post of June 13th, the month includes a lot of chocolate holidays. 
 June is also Candy Month (!!), Aquarium Month, and National Adopt a Cat Month. What's more, June 4 is Hug Your Cat Day. However if I were to list all the books involving cats, well, this post would be very, very long.

We'd love to hear what's on your reading list for June. Please share the title of a book you are currently reading and what you think of it so far.
Ann Parker authors the award-winning Silver Rush historical mystery series published by Poisoned Pen Press. During the day, she wrangles words for a living as a science editor/writer and marketing communications specialist (which is basically a fancy term for "editor/writer"). Her midnight hours are devoted to scribbling fiction. Visit AnnParker.net for more information.


  1. Reading Watchers of Time by Charles Todd, trying to fill in the gaps of the books I've read in the series.

    A friend and I share silly holiday greetings. Started to say couldn't think how we missed National Hug a Cat Day, but realized her cat probably tore up the memo.

  2. At the moment, I have three books I'm working on. One is an advance copy of a mystery release in a series I love, the second is the advance release of a short story anthology of pioneer women, and the third is a nonfiction book of columns and essays published posthumously for Charles Krauthammer. And then there's the stack of books on my coffee table and on the Kindle...I'll read Red Tide by Peg Brantley next for my Sisters-in-Crime-Colorado book club.

  3. As a fiction reader, I've stepped out of my comfort zone this month and delved into several cookbooks. High on my to-try list are several yummy-sounding recipes with deeply rooted Mediterranean origins. Tabouli and Spanakopita are high on that list, along with a number of soups, salads, and fruit desserts specifically designed for light summer eating. My mouth is watering as I write this. It must be suppertime. :-)

  4. Thanks for the lists of books to check out, Ann. Not sure if I dare as I have so many on bookshelves and in my Kindle still to be read. LOL And I listen to lots of audio books as reading is still a challenge. I'm listening to Slow Horses by Mick Herron, a British mystery. It was recommended by a mystery readers group I belong to, and it's a terrific read/listen.


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