Friday, October 12, 2018

The Journey by L. Katherine Dailey — A Review — #FridayReads

The Journey, Volume II of the Viana Memoirs, follows the lives of the three Viana daughters in Victorian era England. Rich in the activities and lifestyles of the time, this fascinating story pulls the reader in to experience the ups and downs of Alexandra Viana as she is pursued by the less-than-gallant Roman Winterfield.

However, there may be hope for him. When he unexpectedly joins her family and his on holiday in France, Alexandra notes some significant changes in the man she and her sisters once dubbed "The Ogre." Sadly, his distasteful qualities resurface in all their revolting grandeur, and Alexandra is perplexed when he nonetheless appears to win the approval of her family.

Her fascination turns to distress upon her return to England to spend the summer as the guest of Roman's sister, Catherine. Much to her dismay, Catherine is courting one man while falling in love with another—a servant of her father! Catherine chooses to keep both romances a secret, and Alexandra dreads the day when the socially prominent Winterfields learn of her deception. Meanwhile, Roman reappears and announces his plans to stay, which further annoys the already stressed Alexandra and promises to finish ruining what should have been a joyous summer.

Filled with adventure and treachery, The Journey is a classic story of love and misjudgment, a compelling read that will keep the reader glued to its pages from beginning to end.

I worked closely with L. Katherine Dailey on the editing and proofing of this book prior to its 2008 release. She is an amazing writer who loves to read as well as write historical fiction. I applaud her reason for choosing that particular genre in which to write her books. She states that her unique ability to draw readers to her stories stems from her own personal attempts to escape the harsh realities of the modern world, preferring instead to live somewhere in the depths of her imagination and the far reaches of the past. Her latest novel, Once a Thief, is scheduled to be released in early 2019.

Editor Linda Lane has returned to her first love—writing—while maintaining her editing work. Her novels fall into the literary category because they are character driven rather than plot driven, but their quick pace reminds the reader of genre fiction. They also contain elements of romance, mystery, and romance. You can contact her at websites: and


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