Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Eagle - Writing Prompt

If you cannot gasp
When you see an eagle soar
Work on your wonder
~ Drawing and haiku by Kim Pearson ~

Writing Prompt: Interrupt your protagonist's day with a chance encounter with an eagle that will leave her/him changed in some way. What happened? What did s/he have to do? How did s/he feel? What did s/he learn (about eagles, her/himself, or another person/group)? What might s/he do differently following this encounter?


  1. Wow! You've embodied in a few words such huge writing lessons. In your traditional 5-7-5 haiku format, you set out a premise that made me stop and think. Have I ever seen an eagle soar? Yes. Was I filled with wonder at its magnificence? Yes. What did I feel? Was I changed? What did I learn from the experience. Because I don't recall the answers to those questions, perhaps I did not allow the experience to resonate as fully as it should have. Next question: will this siting from years ago be resurrected and allowed to incubate and mature as it should have in the beginning——perhaps even find its way into a future story? Definitely. It will bring an unexpected element and depth to my wolf novel, one that would not have existed had you not shared this wonderful post. Thank you, Kim. This is indeed a unique take on our fauna theme.

  2. For many of us, the eagle is a powerful symbol of freedom, but freedom from what? I think of the eagle as freedom from fear. I often counsel myself to write like an eagle. It usually works.


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