Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Kidnapped — #NaNoWriMo Writing Prompt

Your character twists and turns her wrists in the confines of the sedan's trunk. Finally loosening the bonds holding her hands behind her back, she wiggles them free, then manipulates her body into position to untie the rope binding her ankles together. The car stops. Voices from inside the vehicle argue, the doors open, and the sounds fade. She shoves the back of the seat down just enough to see that no one is in sight; shoving it the rest of the way, she pushes herself out of the trunk and puts the seat back in place. Opening the back door a fraction, she hears voices in the distance. They grow louder. Jumping out of the car, she slips into the woods across the road as two figures emerge. She watches them get into the car, then back out. They know she's escaped! Running as fast as she can through the trees and underbrush, she hears footsteps coming closer, closer, closer. If they find her…

Posted by Linda Lane
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