Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The March to Amazon

Amazon is the search engine of buyers.

I recently read this statement online and after giving it some thought, agreed wholeheartedly. Think of all the times you've needed to buy something, and how often you've sought information about a product, or checked prices and availability online. Amazon was probably one of your targets.

For authors, whether traditionally or indie published, Amazon is a must to generate advertising and book sales. A few years ago, I experienced first-hand the power of KDP Select, and the incredible reach of this platform for e-book publishers. Since that project, Amazon has added new tools and opportunities for writers.

One recent change is the enhanced author page that allows readers to click a follow button, and receive new information direct from Amazon when the author adds books, giveaways, and other notices about their products. 

Encouraging readers to follow your author page is akin to building a mailing list without all the personal effort. It's easy to get readers to follow you. Just find the short-link for your page, and strew that information all over your social networks on a regular basis! You can see what I mean by the screen snip below:

Notice the yellow highlight on Polly's page? That shortened link is ready to copy and paste all over your social media pages with a message that reads: Follow me on #Amazon!

Amazon has many other new enhancements, and during March, we're going to explore what's available from this giant retailer. You might be surprised at what you've been missing, as an author and as a buyer.

Please leave us a comment about your favorite Amazon program or feature!

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  1. Amazon has so much to offer authors in terms of populating their book pages, with inside front flap and back cover, plus the author profile which can give a huge amount of space for an author to showcase themselves - adding videos and images etc. In case people have not noticed, an author can even put images up on their actual book's sales page. This is great for books for kids, or books with lots of graphics, or for animal themed books.

  2. Easy Dani? Maybe for you social media marketing wizards at the BRP ... but not so much for us Socially Awkward dudes!

  3. That's a great feature! I'll have to mention my Amazon Author Page more often.

  4. I couldn't find this, Dani. And it was my page.

  5. Amazon, an incredible world-wide marketplace that wasn't available until recent years, has revolutionized the way we do business. This will be a fun and enlightening month, Dani. I look forward to it. :-)

  6. Dani ... with much trepidation, I forced myself to dig deeper into the author link thing and lo and behold, I found myself creating a link to my author page (amazon.com/author/hudson). Did it hurt? No ... I have to admit it was RELATIVELY painless. Will I use it? Well, I'm not exactly the internet fairy ... but I will sprinkle it where ever I can. Thanks for the tip.


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