Monday, October 26, 2015

How to Put a Ghost In Your Book

Whether or not you write paranormals, you still have the opportunity to include a ghost or two in your book.
Here are some obvious and not-so-obvious ways:
  1. Physical Description - Ghostly pallor - A way to describe when a character turns pale or looks sick.
  2. Conflict Resolution -  When a character is presented with a quandary, is there a ghost of a chance to rise above it? Is there a light, however dim, at the end of the tunnel?
  3. An Unpleasant Event - Is your character dogged by a ghost from the past? Does the memory cause guilt, despair or sadness?
  4. In The Company of Loved Ones - Perhaps your character has lost a dear one, yet the warmth of that relationship continues after that person has departed. Your character may even talk to or think about that cherished one as if that person were still alive.
  5. Play Pretend - Portray a ghost as an actual character. It can be friendly or mean-spirited, depending on the tone of your book.
  6. Halloween - When all else fails, have your character dress as a ghost for Halloween!
If you have another suggestion, or wish to expand on one of the others, please share.

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    1. I love writing about ghosts--many appear in my Deputy Tempe Crabtree series, and I've written stand-alones with ghosts--there's even a ghost in my latest Rocky Bluff police procedural, Violent Departures.

      1. Marilyn, looks like you have no trouble figuring out how to include ghosts in your books!

    2. Interesting tips, Morgan. Who would have thought we could get so many ghosts in our stories.

    3. I'm already haunted by my past, Morgan ... that's enough paranormal activity for me.

    4. Fun post, Morgan. My series is paranormal. The only rule I have is that the ghost, psychic, or whatever otherworldly element doesn't solves the crime. There can be a direction but not a resolve by the paranormal character.

    5. Wonderful post, Morgan! I don't believe in ghosts, and yet... Sometimes it feels like there's "something" out there. : ) Great ideas.
      Marja McGraw


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