Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Stress Relief for the Deskbound

Greetings, duckies! Anyone who has ever totted up the checkbook after a shopping spree knows about the tension that can settle around the neck and shoulders. Take that tension and multiply it by several hours each day, every day, and you have an idea of what authors often deal with.

If ever you find your shoulders clamped against your ears (and you’re not at a rock concert or fending off bargain hunters at a closeout sale), consider having a go at these simple yet effective moves. 

Questions, comments, considerations? How do you deal with muscle tension at your desk?

As a devotee of Chocolate Therapy, The Style Maven was originally skeptical of yoga. Having lived through one of the Padded Shoulder fashion eras, she is now convinced of the benefits of muscle-relaxing practices.


  1. Ah, yes, the shoulders-against-the-ears syndrome, a common malady amongst us writers. Thanks for the tip, Style Maven. You've made my day more comfortable already, and I'm just thinking about doing it. Definitely more helpful than the well-known take-an-aspirin-and-call-me-in-the-morning advice.

  2. Thanks so much for this. I do appreciate the chair yoga and other exercise-related posts here. We all know we should do more of that instead of sitting here hour after hour clacking away on our keyboard. Getting up now to walk around. :-)

    1. The best therapy is not sitting for more than half an hour at a time (some would say less). Definitely important to get up an walk around once an hour.

  3. Trying it right now. And it's still early.

  4. Oh my -- I can't even do most of these. I guess that's why I'm getting physical therapy for my neck pain. I let it go way too long.

  5. Gosh, people are going to think we've become a yoga blog. LOL.

  6. Worked for me, MM ... or was it the three fingers of Scotch that I downed right after doing these exercises?


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