Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Adapting - And a Freebie Alert

This morning I was struck by how birds readily adapt to change. In lieu of what at one time was their normal venue, they're now in the habit of perching on wires. Not only that, they've built nests in the fixtures on our patio, they sit on top of shovels and broom handles, and today I found some sitting on the branches I'd placed in a bin, due to a windstorm. The birds flew off before I could show them to you, but note what they left behind on the shovel.

Birds adapt, and authors can and do. Countless have taken the plunge and are self-publishing, either all or some of their books, in e-book and/or print format. Some, myself included, have either hired illustrators for covers, or even created their own book covers, through such resources as Amazon Cover Creator. 

Many readers have also adapted, and use e-readers, instead of, or as well as print books. I like both, but lean toward reading from my Kindle most of the time.

Promotions also have changed. Before, booksignings were the norm for getting the word out about books, but now blogs, social media sites, as well as Kindle Countdowns (Price reductions for a short period of time) and Free Offers proliferate. 

This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, November 7, 8 and 9,  I'm doing a promotion, and am offering my romance, A Perfect Angel, the sequel to Her Handyman, free for Kindle, and other devices through Amazon. 

If you've a reader who's adapted to electronic reading, mark your calendar to get your freebie, which can be read as a standalone or after reading Her Handyman.

Here's the link:

And, let me know if you've also adapted as an author, reader, or both.

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  1. Isn't there a saying, "Adapt or die?" Things are changing. It is not the bookpocalypse. Readers are enjoying a greater selection than before. I consider that a good change.

  2. Yes, Diana, in this case, I believe change is good!

  3. I think it's still hard to get your promos to the readers. Blog tours, which I've never done, preach to the choir. I know, writers are readers too, but we still want to get out to the public. I don't know the answer. I do think free books are one way of getting to readers. I've used the method many times and have benefited from it.

    1. I've done blog tours, but, as you say, it seems like preaching to the choir. Also, it's very time consuming. Yes, Google might pick up the blogs, but there are easier ways to get noticed by Google.

  4. Change, of course, is a two-edged sword. Keeping up is essential to staying in the marketing loop; however, those new hoops we have to jump through can be trying as well as intimidating. I think this is called progress.


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