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The sexual journey: Exploring erotica with Kathy Kulig, Part 2

This is the conclusion of a reprinted interview Kathryn Craft conducted in 2010 with erotica author Kathy Kulig. Click here for Kathy's bio and Part One.

Kathryn Craft: You write under your own name; others take on pen names. What went into this decision, for you?

Kathy Kulig: Writers use pen names for different reasons. Some say if you write erotic romance it’s a good idea to use a pen name for privacy. For me, Kathy Kulig is my real name. I liked that it was short, easy to say and spell. I’d caution about using cutesy names or over obvious pen names like D.D. Stiletto or Raven Maniac. Or names close to well known authors like Stephen R. King, Norah Roberts, JK Rowling, etc.

Kathryn: You know everyone's dying to ask: do you research all of the, um, situations in your novels to make sure they're workable?

Kathy: My husband would love it if I said, “YES!” But you don’t need to commit a murder to write about it. You don’t need to be an FBI agent, a spy, an astronaut, an alien, etc. to write about them. The same is true for writing sexual situations or alternative lifestyles. You research what you can and make up the rest. It’s fiction.

Kathryn: What is some of the best feedback you've gotten from your readers?

Kathy: A reader asked if Dante, an antagonist in one of my books, would get together with the heroine in a future book. That was a storyline I hadn’t considered. I’d have to redeem this character. A redemption story is a powerful theme. Dante becomes the hero in book three.

Kathryn: Can you leave us with one PG-rated tip for writing great sex scenes--maybe the one that was least obvious to you when you first started out?

Kathy: Dig deep into character emotions and old wounds. As the characters come together in moments of sexual intimacy, their vulnerabilities will be revealed. These are the situations and characters your readers will fall in love with.

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  1. I had a bit of problem this morning writing a sex scene because I tried to get the characters to talk about the fate of the villain at the same time. Not sure if the bad memory will make the sex scene more intense or it will deflate it...Have to reconsider.

    My Darcy Mutates

  2. Thanks, you two! It's been a great interview that I hope everyone reads for the great advice.


  3. Thinking about writing a sex scene. Oh my stars and garters! Maybe I can...

  4. KK Brees: I'd love to read a sex scene with a character who says "Oh my stars and garters!" Sounds like a hoot.

    Dani: Thanks!

    Enid: Sounds to me like negative memories might better be dealt with as interior monologue--ideas that keep the POV character from surrendering fully to what is happening. Have you tried that? Then the couple could have the conversation about the villain later, when the partner has the nerve to ask what went wrong.

  5. Hi Enid, I tend to agree with Kathryn. There could and should be an underlying conflict during a sex scene, but the characters probably don't want to talk about it at that moment. Unless you want the characters to interrupt the love scene bec. they're so preoccupied with the villian they can't focus on their lovemaking. I believe a sex scene shouldn't be just a sex scene. There should be an underlying conflict. Sex should reveal character, create internal or external problems in the plot, and/or cause the characters to change emotionally afterward.

  6. Thanks Dani, Glad you enjoyed the interview. I had a great time being a guest here.

    KK, "Stars and garters" I love it. Sounds steampunkish. :)

  7. Interesting look at pen names. I also appreciated the last bit about revealing a characters secrets and fears. Nice.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  8. Thanks Kathryn and Kathy. Great interview. Loved the advice to dig deep into the character's vulnerabilities.

  9. Very interesting interview: thanks Kathy and Kathryn. I found it particularly interesting that you chose not to use a pseudonym and your reasons.

    Elsa Neal
    HearWriteNow & Blood-Red Pencil

  10. Stars and garters and steampunkish ... always learning here at the BRP. Oh ... and it's Feb 28 ... does the chase scene start soon?

  11. May I say how happy I am that you gave Dante his own book? :-)


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