Friday, November 1, 2013

A Month of Writing Intent

I've done it for five years. I'm doing it again this year. For one solid month, for 30 running days, I will focus my attention and intent on writing a long piece of fiction. A story. A novel. Not blogging. Not editing. Not all the other running-words-together writing I do. I will focus on writing a book and I will do it by joining 200,000 or more other writers participating in NaNoWriMo a.k.a. National Novel Writing Month.

And I will do it first thing every morning, crapping out 1,667 - 2,500 words before I do another thing.

I will not care if it's crap.

I will write.

I will write fiction.

I will create a world.

I will create characters.

They will do stuff.

To each other.

To me.

And maybe, some sweet day, to you.

I am already starting to get nervous. My palms are sweaty. My heart is beating faster. Freakout!

How about you? Are you revved up for NaNoWriMo? Does a group effort like this excite you? Propel? Inspire? Leave us your NaNo handle in the comments so we can be writing buddies! You can find me here.

Good luck and good writing!


  1. Best of luck, Dani. I did the official Nano once and I enjoyed (yes, enjoyed) the discipline of the hard deadline. I did a personal one last May and gave myself 6 weeks instead of 4, but I demanded a 'complete' first draft. Did it.

    1. Good for you,Elspeth, to do it without support. Like Nike's "Just do it!"

  2. Alas, Dani, you are a better 'writer' than me ... a challenge like that would leave me in cold sweats.

  3. Sounds like a good idea. Maybe I'll actually try it. I'm finding it difficult to live up to that discipline of daily writing. Excuses abound, unfortunately.

  4. I know exactly what you mean, Linda! Clean that kitchen first, then write. Completely backwards. As LJ Sellers (our oft-published pal) says: Write first, clean later.

  5. And a word of advice - don't go out-of-town the first day of NaNo - you won't get many words written. (rolling my eyes)

  6. I've tried it in the past but I always seem to get ill in November. I made 40K one year before the flu kicked in and became too much. I'm giving it another go this year those and I'm more determined than ever to reach my goal. I'm going to be aiming for at least 2500 words a day to give myself a bit of a cushion just in case. So far going well. I've hit 3515 words.

    Good luck to all of you.

    1. Wow, terrific! So far my count is 0. LOL. Somehow, I like to begin my writing adventures on a Monday.

  7. First-timer here! Scared,check. Nervous, check. I didn't quite make the target yesterday, but we'll see if i can make it up today. My NaNa handle is AKA Southpaw

  8. Not doing NaNo. Too many distractions this month to even try. I considered it, but then a dear friend said she could come to visit for a couple of weeks. Not hard to decide where to put my energy. :-) Good luck to all who are accepting the challenge.


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