Wednesday, January 2, 2013

10 Writing Resolutions for 2013

10. To write more. I leave the precise definition of ‘more’ up to you.

9. To read more. Reading will inspire you. What it will inspire you to do can vary. It might improve your own work, demonstrating new ways to explore your themes or deepen your characters. Or it might make you want to set fire to your WIP. I urge you to resist the latter. Unless you’re cold. In that case, I urge you to make another copy before you burn the one. Just a suggestion.

8. To fill your food drawer with healthy snacks. I leave the precise definition of ‘healthy’ up to you. Don’t even bother trying to deny the existence of the food drawer. It’s there. It might not be an actual drawer, but it’s there. Admit it. Confession is good for the soul.

7. To set personal deadlines. Deadlines imposed by the outside world are different. They’re already set and carry real consequences. Ignore them at your professional peril.

6. To meet personal deadlines. This is the hardest resolution of all. That’s why I’ve hidden it in the middle. 

5. To get a bigger food drawer. No explanation needed. 

4. To get outside more. One walk outside is worth 1,000 words. I’m not kidding. Try it. Be amazed.

3.  To read your dialogue out loud. Trust me.

2. To tell your dictator-on-a-caffeine-high self-editor to shut up while you’re attacking that first draft.  She/he is not needed on the voyage. That sea is wide enough.

1. To remember to praise yourself more. Seriously. Writing is hard, lonely, sometimes soul-sucking work. You deserve praise.

From me to you, my best wishes for a healthy, surprising and jumping-in-puddles- joyful 2013. Be well.

Elspeth Antonelli is an author and playwright. Her murder mystery games "A Fatal Fairy Tale" and "Deadly Ever After" are among the top-selling mystery games on the web. All twelve of her murder mystery games and two audience-interactive plays are published by She has also contributed articles to the European writers' magazine Elias. She is on Twitter as @elspethwrites.

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  1. Ten resolutions well worth pinning up next to the computer. Thanks, Elspeth.

    I haven't done resolutions for a number of years, now; instead I settle on one main goal for the year and the steps I need to take to attain it. This will be the year I publish my MG fantasy novel.

  2. I'm more goal oriented, too, Elle. Looking forward to your book.

  3. I do great, until I get to number 10 ... I'm so exhausted meeting the other resolutions, that end up napping.

  4. Elle; I try to have a main goal too.

    Maryann; Best wishes for 2013!

    Christopher; Happy 2013!

  5. No food drawers! I never want to see food again. LOL.

  6. I love these suggestions! Can I share them with my editing clients? With appropriate credit, of course. :)

  7. I'll let Elspeth, as author, respond. I'm okay with it as blog owner. Elspeth? Your decision.

  8. Dani; It'll be back. Bah-bah-bah-BAH.

    Susan; Of course! I'm flattered you liked them. Starting the new year with praise is always good!

  9. Right on, Elspeth! Good resolutions to ponder (and try!)

  10. Great tips! I'll try to do them, especially the read more!

    Morgan Mandel

  11. An invigorating list, and creative, as it appears to go against the most popular resolution of losing weight. You're a bold one, Elspeth! ;)

  12. Love all ten. Agree with all ten. Next comes application . . . and therein lies the problem. Great post, Elspeth, to get the new year off to a grand start!


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