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Shonell Bacon Opens Up About The Corner Cafe: A Tasty Collection of Short Stories

CONTINUING SERIES - 18 Stories! 15 Authors! Talk About A Project!

The Corner Cafe: A Tasty Collection of Short Stories is riding high in sales, after a spectacular performance at its first freebie weekend on June 9 and June 10, 2012.

The book is ready, but the work's not over. Dani Greer, owner of The Blood-Red Pencil, along with Morgan Mandel, Helen Ginger, Maryann Miller, Shonell Bacon, and Audrey Lintner, all contributors to the collection and members of The Blood-Red Pencil, are sharing our ongoing experiences with you about the project in this series. Perhaps, what we've discovered will aid you in your own endeavors.

Shonell Bacon's contribution to The Corner Cafe: A Tasty Collection of Short Stories is "I Wanna Get Off Here," about a bus driver with a dream who must unchain herself from circumstances sttanding in her way.

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Shonell's answers to our hard hitting questions:

1) What surprised you about this endeavor?

The busyness, the work involved. There is a low buzz that's constantly in the air when you're working on a project like this, with a group, and with the promotional work involved.

2) What seemed the most difficult?

Most of what I might deem difficult was and has been handled wonderfully by Dani (Greer) and those who worked on editing the novel and pulling it together to be published. My part in the process, specifically, hasn't been too difficult. Busy, as I find myself manning my social media outlets to keep the message rolling about the book. I also find myself constantly checking Amazon to see the ranking, something I never did for my solo works.

3) What proved the most satisfying?

Actually seeing the proof that actions pay off. In the first week of the collection's release, so many positive things came about: strong reviews on Amazon, seeing the book score great rankings, seeing the activity of the group as we hustle and bustle along online spaces to promote the book and each others.

4) What did you learn?

Big key thing: to be open for making changes to the promotional plan and trying everything once. Another key thing, and this is something I knew, but it always bears hearing again and again: it is important to think about promotions before a book drops: setting up the tour or promotional activities, actually setting benchmarks to see how effective things are, having "free" days for your book to drive traffic and then, again, set benchmarks to see how effective that is. I'm thinking several posts could come from an endeavor such as this.

5) Would you do it again?

Yes, and hope that I'm asked to be a part of something like this again. So far, after over a month, I'm enjoying it.

Thanks, Shonell.

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Morgan Mandel
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Interviewer: Morgan Mandel, Contributor to
The Corner Cafe: A Tasty Collection of Short Stories

Look for "What Nice Blessings" and "The Closing of the Corner Cafe" by Morgan Mandel in The Corner Cafe: A Tasty Collection of Short Stories.

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  1. Shonell, I was mesmerized by your short story in the Corner Cafe collection. Love your writing!

    Morgan Mandel

  2. I loved it, too! And the first story (I've probably already mentioned this) is modeled after Shon herself. Shonell Bacon = Nell Crisp. Get it? LOL.

  3. I thought the name, Nell Crisp, was a clever play on words.

  4. Thank you, Morgan! I enjoyed both of your stories, too, especially The Closing of the Corner Cafe. It was a great finale for our collection!

  5. I still chuckle over your story, Dani. There's a lot of my personality in that! lol

  6. It was wonderful getting to know you better, Shonell. I loved your story in the collection!

    Marian Allen
    Fantasies, mysteries, comedies, recipes

  7. This ebook demonstrates the value of teamwork. What a fun project.

  8. Bob, it was a group project, but Dani did most of the work behind the scenes. It was/is a fun project and so interesting to watch it glide across the internet during the month-long promotion.

  9. This was probably the most beneficial project I've ever done as a writer. I learned some things that are helping me with my solo projects, and I love that!

  10. I just read the Corner Cafe collection, and I really liked your story, Shon. Actually, I really liked them all! I'm not normally a short story reader, but you all hooked me right in! Good job!!

  11. I thought the name, Nell Crisp, was a clever play on words.


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