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Time Out for A Little Fun

I've been finding comic strips that have funny jokes that connect loosely to writing or promoting and thought I would share a few today. Sometimes we just need to sit back and have a good laugh.

This first one is from the strip, Bizarro  by Dan Piraro.  It is a single panel strip showing the Disney character, Elmer Fudd, running from a big blue bird. Fudd is yelling, "Retweet, Retweet." (If you visit Dan's site and click on his blog you can see the cartoon. Much funnier to see it that try to imagine it from my description.)

This next one is from Get Fuzzy by Darby Conley. Bucky Kat has gone on and on for several panels justifying a video game that he created that is not fit for Rob to buy for a nephew. Bucky tells this long story about a vacationing prude who ends up on a nudist beach by mistake and is horrified to see a naked man who has fallen asleep on the beach. He picks up the book and "placed it over him where the sun shouldn't be shining."

When Rob tells Bucky Kat to get to the point, Kat says, "Um...well, never cover a judge by his book, I guess."

This next one is from Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis. Rat is writing a romance novel and in the first three panels he has his character, Elly Elephant, go to a bar where she meets a hippo. She starts telling him all about herself and how she came in hopes of meeting someone with "similar sensibilities." Then she says, "Oh, silly me. All I have done is go on oafishly about myself. I'm sure you have much more erudite things to say."

To which the hippo does a bit of a leer and responds, "Nice rear."

In the next panel, Elly Elephant is beating the erudite hippo with his own bar stool.

The final panel has Goat comment, "You know most romance novels have happy endings."

Rat says, "Yeah, I'm making up for that."

And Pig says, "Her rear is rather attractive."

I'm guessing we should not take lessons from Rat on novel writing. What do you think?


When she is not reading the funny papers, Maryann Miller is an author and freelance editor. Information about her books, her editing services, and her blogs can be found on her Web site at Follow her on Twitter and Facebook

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  1. Hate to call out an editor on an attribution error, but Elmer Fudd was no Disney denizen. Elmer and Bugs Bunny were Looney Tunes characters from rival Warner Brothers studio. The best of the Fudd shorts were from legendary WB animator Chuck Jones.

    As mother always said, "Take time out for a little fun, but be careful."

    --Larry Constantine

  2. I dunno, Maryann--I think they give great romance-novel advice! It's how our hero would actually feel (whether he said it or not :)
    But this had me laughing, and one of the great inspirations for creativity is laughter!
    Thank You!

  3. Larry, thanks for catching the error. As our banner says, nobody's perfect. Even editors need editors.

    Susan, so glad you enjoyed the post. Laughter is a great stress reliever and does open our minds.

  4. Fun, Maryann! I'll share my all-time fave, up on my bulletin board beside my computer:

    Charlie Brown is in bed in the dark.

    Frame 1: Sometimes I lie awake at night and ask, "is it all worth it?"

    Frame 2: Then a voice says, "Who are you talking to?"

    Frame 3: Then another voice says, "You mean, 'To whom are you talking?'"

    Frame 4: No wonder I lie awake at night!

  5. Ah, a picture is worth a thousand words. Does this mean a picture plus words is even more valuable?

  6. Those were funny! Loved Retweet the best!

    Morgan Mandel

  7. Our banner says, "nobody's perfick." Even more human. LOL. Hope you're feeling better, Maryann. Pretty darn good post for someone who's been sick for a week. :)

  8. Thanks for sharing your cartoon, Kathryn. I have one above my computer with a duck holding a sledge hammer. He is standing in front of a table with a computer on it. The caption reads: "Hit any key to continue."

  9. Thanks Dani. Some of the post had already been written earlier when I wasn't sick, but I was doing the final go-through while fighting whatever it is that has been ailing me.

    I noticed after I wrote that response to Larry's comment that we don't even have "nobody's perfick" on our banner anymore. That's how clouded my brain has been.

  10. Rat seems to be riding the curve. I've read a few Romances without the requisite happy ending.

  11. Nobody is perfect? You mean I've been deluding myself all this time?

  12. I like the Snoopy cartoon when he gets a rejection letter that says in essence,"If you keep submitting material to us we'll track you down and hurt you."

  13. Cute! I like to collect comics relating to writing to!

  14. Warren, I like that cartoon, too. Poor Snoopy doesn't get a break. LOL

  15. I read all of these comics faithfully and remember these that you've mentioned. The authors of these comics are some of the most creative.

    A Faraway View
    An A to Z Co-host blog


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