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Time out for a Little Fun

Years ago I used to fight with my kids for my sacred space to write in. I had a room that was called my study where I had a desk and a typewriter --- yeah, I started writing in the dark ages. Problem was, the study soon became the room where stuff was stored when nobody knew where else to put it. So I would have an odd assortment of boxes and bins and things stacked in and around the desk and filing cabinet that made finding my space a challenge.

Then if we had company, either the company stayed in the office and slept on the sofa bed or one of the kids did. First obstacle to overcome was finding the sofa bed under the piles of things "stored" in the office. Then came the challenge of figuring out if it was an invasion of a guest's privacy if I went into the study now and then to work.

Now that the kids are grown and out of the house, I have an office all to myself. Or at least I thought I did, until the cats decided they would like to share the space with me.

Wait. Did I say "share?"

The cats have taken over the space. Our two new kittens love to walk in front of the monitor and play with that funny little thing that moves all around the screen. That's almost as much fun as chasing a bird... or dare I say it?... a mouse? I haven't told them what that device is beside the keyboard.

If one of them needs to go outside or is hungry, they don't go bother my husband who is just sitting in the living room watching TV or reading a book. No. They come into the office. Jump up on the desk and stand in front of the monitor. No playing this time. Just blocking the screen so I can't see what I'm doing.

Misty, our calico, took over my office chair weeks ago, and she does not know the meaning of "share" either. She glowers at me when I move her so I can sit down. Then she jumps up behind me and pushes on my back to get me to move.

The last time one of our sons came to visit, he laughed because my office chair was rolled aside and I had a kitchen chair in front of my desk. When I told him why, he asked why I didn't just move the cat.

I glowered at him.

So did the cat.
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  1. Our five cats are pretty much the same around the house. ^_^

    As they say: dogs have owners, cats have staff.

  2. I once had a neighbour's cat take up residence on my lap while I was writing. He would arrive every morning and bug me until I sat down to write! Come to think of it, he was an ideal motivator.

  3. Aldrea, I love that little saying. It is soooo true. And I'm still naive enough to think they love me because of me, not because I'm the one with the can of food in my hand. LOL

    Curious, Elle, how did the neighbor cat get in your house? Or do you have one of those lovely outdoor places to write?

  4. I won't tell you what my dad used to say about cats ... you'll all hate me.

  5. Your cat sounds like my Maggie. Lately she's been deciding where we go on our walks. Stopping and refusing to budge if she thinks I'm going in the wrong direction.

  6. I know exactly what you mean. My dog, Rascal, likes to hide her bones on the floor where my feet are supposed to go, also loves to curl up on my feet when I'm at the keyboard.

    I don't have an office per se. I've taken over half of the dining room. I don't like being shut away, and most of the time I can type in piece, with the DH watching sports or other programs in the other room.

    Morgan Mandel

  7. Christopher, your dad might have said things similar to what my brother-in-law says. He's a farmer and has no love for cats unless they are out in the barn earning their keep.

    Morgan, I think the animals just really like being where we are. My little dog used to be in my office all the time. I had to watch that I didn't roll over her when I moved my chair back. And my big dog still comes in when she is inside, just to see what I'm doing. Or perhaps see if I'd like to take a walk.

    Pat, I'm guessing Maggie is a dog, although I do know folks who take a cat for a walk. I don't know how. LOL

  8. Maryann, this cat "met" us in our garden once and followed us inside and adopted us. Thereafter he would yodel at the door until I let him in. And I was more than happy to do that: I got to have a cat and I didn't have to worry about food, vet bills, or going on holiday. :-)

  9. I have a feline "office assistant" as well!

  10. Elle, that is so neat. We had a neighbor cat who came to our porch and we soon found out she was pregnant. She would come every day after that because I would feed her. My husband joked that he thought the cat felt a connection to me because we had so many children and she knew I could sympathize with her condition.

  11. I work for cats, too. LOL. If I ever write my memoir, it will be based on what I've learned from and about my cats from year to year.


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