Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Yew Near!

Oops! My first edit of the year. Happy New Year!

Some of you are probably still on holiday, but the Blood-Red Pencil editors have been busy planning the 2012 schedule.

We'll continue with our individual posts the first part of the month, like Kathryn Craft's popular Busted! series. Then we'll have special guests the third week, and the last week of each month add a different new theme. This year, we'll post those topics in advance right here on the blog. If you have a contribution you'd like to make around our topic-of-the-month, please shoot us an email.

Our theme for January is Conferences with Awards, and specifically we'll address how an author would use an award as a promotion tool for their book. There are more prizes and medals than you can imagine for all genres, and many are available to individuals as well as self-published authors. This is an area of publishing that is changing and expanding as quickly as everything else in the industry.

Have you won an award for one or more of your titles? How did you go about earning it? How do you use it to promote your book? Do you find it increases sales? These are some questions we'll tackle. We'll also look at various genres and their corresponding awards, and we'll have one guest who works for a publisher actively pursuing awards as part of their marketing plan. If this is a promotion concept you haven't considered, please be sure to visit us again. You might glean some new ideas to help you sell books.

Do tell us which industry award you truly covet. Please leave a comment and don't be shy!
Dani Greer is founding member of the Blood-Red Pencil and contributes the Hearing Voices column to this blog. This month, she'll talk about unique swear words.
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  1. Happy new year, BRP ... keep up the good work. Coveted award? I don't know, maybe a New York Times Best Seller?

  2. I've always sort of hankered after a Pulitzer. When I worked for a magazine my publisher submitted one of my pieces for the prize. Does that count for anything? LOL

  3. I'm with Maryann on this one. I was one of a group of editors who worked on a book that was accepted as a potential nominee for a Pulitzer Prize - or something like that. Does that count?

  4. I'll start with a Newbery Medal and a NY Times Bestseller in Fiction listing. Doesn't have to be #1 yet. :) Hey, we're talking about the future here, not living in the past, you two!

  5. Even though I don't tend to enjoy the books that have won in the past, there's something alluring about the Mann Booker Prize.

    HearWriteNow & Blood-Red Pencil

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