Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thank You

Dear Readers,

It's a lovely thing to be able to write a thank you note and have it reach thousands of people in an instant. No matter how long I use the Internet, I don't think I'll ever quite get used to this amazing tool and the freedom it represents to me.

When I first starting writing, I used a pencil. I was a child. In my teen years, I learned to type... on a manual typewriter, and it was a miracle indeed when I got my first electric typewriter with an auto-correct ribbon. Years later, I can't begin to tell you how rich I felt to have my own computer with printer and copier. But the online communications with my computer... that is what I'm most grateful for and for many reasons.

Half a dozen years ago, my husband and I had an opportunity to move to a small rural town, and I decided then and there, I would focus on my writing. I have always written my way through life, but in a secondary way to my art career. I would leave the brushes for a time, and focus on my words and another master.

It became evident very quickly that my research and most of my communication would happen via the Internet, and were it not so, I would have moved from here years ago. I have no good library for research, few kindred spirits, not even a nearby place to buy writing supplies. The Internet makes my life as a writer, editor, reader, and world spirit real and possible. I could not be happy today without it. It is my work and my office, if not my life.

Before I started writing this thank you note, I was in an online mailbox reading manuscripts sent by authors far and wide. It's one of the jobs I do for a publisher, and one of the ways I make money. Opening that mailbox gives me a giddy feeling. To be able to read words pouring from other writers who are bravely submitting their stories, to respond to them in an instant, it's a gift I'll never get used to! What a miracle to share and support each other this way. How lovely that we can save paper and our planet on this step of our publishing journeys.

I am also grateful for the discovery of blogging and this blog in particular, which has quietly and steadily turned into a dynamic resource for authors. Over the past four years, we've had many guest writers and regular bloggers who have contributed almost 1,000 - 1,000! - outstanding posts about writing and all things related to books. Some of you have been with me since the first day, and I especially thank you for your steady and dear contributions and your sweet friendship. We have lasted this long because of your hard work. Let us stay together a long, long time to come. We are a marvelous team!

Over the next month, we'll share some of our best and previous posts with you, dear readers, as has become our tradition each December. We hope you'll stop by daily, and look forward to sharing yet another new year with you. Thank you to all for your support and may you have the finest of holidays ever.

In peace and gratitude,


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  1. Dani, what a terrific thank-you note. You and I share similar circumstance being in a small rural community, although mine must be a bit larger as we do have a library. Granted, it is not like the ones I used early in my career for research, but it is a nice one one.

  2. That's neat, Dani. Isn't the Internet great? Writing on a typewriter I could only be ignored by a few people ... with a computer I can be ignored by millions.

  3. What a lovely note. I learn so much here. So, I think I'll turn this post around and thank you...and all who contribute to The Blood Red Pencil making it so helpful to this aspiring writer.

  4. Dani: What a lovely note, and on your birthday, no less! We are thankful for you, and all you do here.

    And in keeping with the theme of your post, I'm typing this in the car while my husband drives us home from a quick getaway to Rochester, NY--on my laptop, using a Verizon 3G card for Internet access. Amazing!

  5. We have a small library, too, Maryann. But I think it's fair to say that the librarians make or break a good library. The city library I use several times a month is stellar. The library in town has a seat warmer at the helm. She gets her nose out of joint when she has to climb the stairs to help a child find a book. And wouldn't know a classic if it hit her on the head. I could go on, but won't since you get the idea. Kathryn. I know. I haven't gotten used to having a phone in the car much less a computer!

  6. What a beautiful note, Dani! Now it's my turn to thank you for allowing me to be a part of this site that reaches out to writers of all abilities and in all stages of their projects. To work with the editors here has been a joy, a privilege, and a learning experience; and I hope to continue doing it for some time to come.

  7. Very nice! And my thanks back to you, Dani, for starting the blog and including me!

  8. I want to thank you and the editors and writers who write for this blog too. I've learned so much throughout the years.

    Internet is such a great invention. It makes the distance shorter and people closer. It's the next best thing to beaming. I still hope that someone will invent beaming soon. May the future in the writing world be more exciting than today.

    My Darcy Vibrates…

  9. Great thank you note and so true.

    Morgan Mandel

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