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10 Questions Every Writer Asks (I Hope)

10. Why is it so much easier to write about writing than to actually write? I think every blogger must wonder this at some point.

9. Why is my writing in my head so much better than the writing on the page? Annoying, but true. Usually.

8. How does time seem to fly by when I'm writing well, but yet crawl when I'm struggling to write one decent sentence? Unfair, but true.

7. Do I have too many characters? Too few? Only your plot knows for sureOr your editor.

6. How did I manage to forget that subplot that I began on page 20 and appears to have vanished without a trace? I refuse to admit if this has actually happened to me.

5. Good grief. How many more editing passes is this manuscript going to need? The answer always seems to be (for me) one more than I originally thought.

4. When will I ever consider myself a success? (on non-JK Rowling-terms)

3. Will anyone really want to buy this book? The question that niggles at the edges of your brain as you near the finish line.

2. Will I ever have another good idea? Not an idea; a good idea. The nightmare of every writer.

1. What happens next? Really. What happens? (Aren't first drafts fun?)
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Elspeth Antonelli is an author and playwright. Her twelve murder mystery games and two plays are available through She has also contributed articles to the European writers' magazine Elias. Her blog, It's A Mystery, explores the writing process with a touch of humor. She is on Twitter as @elspethwrites


  1. Those are a great rundown of questions I should remember to ask myself!

    Morgan Mandel

  2. The italicized bits of humor soften the reality of the questions.

    Excellent post!

  3. Thanks for a great list, Elspeth. Number 6 seemed to be written just for me today. I just discovered a plot thread that I had left dangling and didn't even remember it was there.

  4. I'm doing the final read through of my next publication. But it's likely not going to be the final read through. So #5 holds true today. #4 hits home as well.

    Terry's Place
    Romance with a Twist--of Mystery

  5. Morgan; Thanks!

    Linda; Laughter always helps, doesn't it?

    Maryann; I'm glad you liked it - and I'm glad you found that plot line!

    Terry; Best of luck with your new book; how exciting.

    getessay; Thank *you* for taking the time to leave a comment!

  6. Will anyone buy this book? That one stops me in my tracks quite often. Try to ignore it or I'd get nothing finished.

  7. Lauri; Good for you!! I'll try it too. (oh look, I rhyme. It's a sign)

  8. Oh, no, I just booted getessay out. Shootdang. Sorry, Elspeth, I didn't know it was a friend. LOL.

  9. Great fun; thank you for the giggle. Only another writer can understand that writing is so much more than tapping away at a typewriter in a summerhouse while sipping wine... *rolls eyes*

  10. Dani; I just reply to'em. Don't necessarily know'em. Didn't know that one.

    Fiona; Wait. That's question #11: Where's My Summerhouse? And "It's the same as your Winterhouse" is not an acceptable answer.

  11. Then there is the question every writer's mate asks: When are you going to put on some hard shoes and go look for a real job?

  12. Not forgetting, 'Why is everyone's writing better than mine?' It isn't, you're just paranoid.

  13. Bloody brilliant, Elspeth, and all too painfully real.

    --Larry Constantine (Lior Samson)

  14. Awesome blog. I enjoyed reading your articles.

  15. I loved this! Got my mind cranking. After first draft: Do I love this work enough to spend years revising it? (Because even when it's accepted you'll start a whole new round of revision). And when submitting: Is this flinch-proof? (If you can't go to the wall for it, no one else will).


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