Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's a Contest

The Blood Red Pencil is one of the finalists in the Contest for the Best Grammar Blog of 2011. Vote for the blog you like and help us win great prizes from All votes must be entered between September 26th and October 17th, 2011. The grand-prize winners and two runners-up will be announced on or before October 27th, 2011.

We have decided that should we win, if we win, when we win, we will use the gift card to order some books on writing that we will then offer to our readers.

So please take a moment to go vote for us, assuming that you really do like the blog enough to do that, and help spread the word via your blogs, Facebook Twitter, etc. You can copy the line below to use in your efforts to help us.
Vote for the Best Grammar Blog of 2011- Blood Red Pencil is one of the finalists - English Grammar Newsletter
 Thanks, and now back to our regularly scheduled program.  
Maryann Miller is an author and freelance editor. Her latest book is Open Season, which has gotten nice reviews from Library Journal and Publisher's Weekly. One Small Victory, is a top seller in the mystery bestseller list at the Amazon Kindle store. Visit her Web site for information about her books and her editing services. If you have a good book, she can help you make it better. She will stop playing with her horse and work, honest.

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  1. If you guys don't win, there should be an investigation!

  2. Thanks Liza and Christopher. Appreciate the support.

    Christopher, I have a friend, Guido No-Neck, who will take care of things for us. LOL

  3. it is a great post! i like it and thank you for sharing your experience!

  4. Well, the team talked me into this. I voted, but mind you, it's only because they agreed we'd use the spoils for reader giveaways. I need an amazon gift card like a hole in the head - do you have any ideas how many books I need to read for reviews and research? An embarrassment of riches, and I haven't begun to utilize NetGalley. Mercy! The writing life is good, isn't it? ;)

  5. Thanks for going over to vote, Christa.

    Dani, I'm like you, I have so many books backlogged for review, edits, etc, I hardly have time to read a book that I just choose for myself. LOL


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