Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Word Play Tuesday Today by Morgan Mandel

It's the second Tuesday of the month, which means it's time for Word Play!

I'll pick words that sound the same, but look different. Then it's your turn. You fashion as many of them as you can into phrases, sentences, or more. Of course, you'll want to make some sort of sense when you do it - either funny, strange or serious. This is your time to play with words instead of struggling over where or when to use them. Hopefully, by doing so your brain will nimbly skip over the words in your manuscript.
Here's the first batch:

Wear - Verb - My closet is full, but I haven't a thing to wear.

Ware - Noun -  The only ware I see in this entire store is a toothbrush.
Where - Adverb - Where am I?

And the other batch:

Wore - Verb - Past tense of wear

War - Noun - Opposite of peace - War, what is it good for?

Okay, the comment section is your playground. Go Play!

Morgan Mandel


  1. I have nothing to wear for the concert and the wares at the clothing warehouse leave me no choice to go nowhere else but to return home and wear the wares in my closet.

  2. See-sea

    I can see see quite clearly
    I will never swim in the sea.

    Past tense saw and saw

    I saw what you did with that man last night.
    The man used the saw to chopped down the tree.

  3. The running bear lept out of the woods and scared the jogger running bare.

  4. The air in mother's allotted green are was beneficial to my health, but I had to ask myself: Would I e'er be an heir to this place? I suspected not -- Hell would freeze over ere father would err in my favour.

  5. You're all very good at what you're doing, but only Anonymous so far is using the words for today's Word Play.

    We need to save some for later.

    Morgan Mandel

  6. I have nothing to wear where I am going to sell my wares. I guess I'll just have to wear what I wore when I went to war.

  7. You have nothing to wear for the concert? I suggest you go to the hardware store where you can get a scuttle for a hat, a sail for a toga and a pitchfork for a trident, and go to the Albert Hall singing Rule Britannia.

  8. holy as in spiritual
    wholly as in completely

    The holy man dressed wholly in black from head to foot.

    too - extreme
    to - preposition
    two - number

    It's too hot for the two boys to walk to the store.

  9. Let's see if I can do this the right way.
    The wear and tear on the car was clearly evident.
    The ware's from the store were now in the trunk of my car.
    Where, I wondered did I park my car?
    I wore my jeans for so many years they were now in style with all those tears in the the material.
    The neighbors were at war again, who, would win this round of fighting?

  10. "Did I hear you right? They're coming over here for supper? Tonight? Argh!"
    I pawed through my closet and saw there was nothing to wear. The searching plumb wore me out.
    I glared at my sister. "This means war!"

  11. "Err" is actually pronounced "ur" not "air". A small thing, I know... ;)

  12. What shall I wear to the warehouse and where did you say it was?
    I really want to go too, and with the two of you.

  13. Oh Plah-lease, let's not have a war over what I wore to the dance! Everything important was covered.

  14. Where is the ware I wish to wear? What I wore in the war is worn.

  15. I'm sticking with your example:
    Wore - She wore her heart on her sleeve.

    War - He went to war to win her heart, dirty though it was from being on her shirt sleeve all those years.

  16. Dani, in my part of the world, "err" is pronounced "air."

  17. I look in my closet, find nothing to wear.
    I search and search, wondering where?
    But a pair of shoes seems the only ware.
    What's wrong with my closet, where's the clothes I wore?
    Oh yes, I lost them in the outgrew them war.

  18. In many parts of the world it's pronounced "air", Helen, but it's wrong. ;) Dictionary.com has a recording for the non-believers.

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  20. Let's try this again (and get the names right this time):

    "What am I going to wear?" Megan wailed, frantically yanking shirts and skirts from hangers and tossing them in the general direction of her bed.
    "Chill, Meg. Geez," Melanie said, rolling her eyes as she dodged the flying garments. "It's not even a real date."
    "Who cares if it's a real date?" Megan gaped at her BFF in annoyed disbelief. "It's DeMarcus Ware. He's a DALLAS COWBOY. I have to look perfect."
    She smoothed a tight, hot pink dress across her torso as she gazed into her full-length mirror. Then she sighed loudly and flung it back toward the bed.
    Melanie snagged the dress from the top of the pile and studied it with disapproval.
    "Where do you think this is going to lead, exactly?" she asked warily. "Because you know, Hon, he's married."

  21. I must stick my nose in here just cuz i am feeling nosey tonight :) - according to answers.com

    The pronunciation (ûr) for the word err is traditional, but the pronunciation (ĕr) has gained ground in recent years, perhaps owing to influence from errant and error, and must now be regarded as an acceptable variant. The Usage Panel was split on the matter: 56 percent preferred (ûr), 34 percent preferred (ĕr), and 10 percent accepted both pronunciations.

    Everybody wins!

  22. When I having nothing to wear, I don’t know where to look for more wares. And if I wore that thing in the war, I couldn’t wear it no more.


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