Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Word Play Tuesday Is Here

It's the second Tuesday of the month, time for Word Play!
I'll pick words that sound alike, but don't look alike. You can use them in phrases, sentences, or more. The trick is to include as many of them as you can and still make sense, or be silly if you wish. Playing with words instead of worrying about how or where to use them is a great way to wake up a sluggish imagination.

Here's the first batch:

Would - A conditional verb form - Would you care to donate?

Wood - A noun - His head is like a block of wood.

And More:

Weigh - Verb - I won't weigh myself today, maybe not tomorrow either.

Way - Noun - Show me the way to go home.

And Lastly:

Write - Verb - Tell me, why do I write?

Right - Noun first, adjective second here - It's my right to be right.

Okay, now go ahead and play in the comment section below.

Morgan Mandel

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  1. There are miles of distance between would I? and wood eye!

    The way I feel now, I would not be afraid to weigh myself. It may weigh on my mind, but it is no longer in the way of my butt.

    If you write right, you may find your words published. So write the right way. Right?

  2. No way are you gonna see how much I weigh!

  3. I would weigh the wood now, but there's no way I can, when I need to write right away before I forget the magical sentence I had in my head.

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  5. Would you give anything for a nickel made of wood? The way I see it is that it would weigh more than the standard nickel, but could all that they write on the bottom of a nickel still fit right there?

  6. If one would write right of wood would it weigh way too much?

    Is there even a right way to write about wood that would make wood, when written about, weigh?

  7. The woodman headed way down the path to the right to write about how much he weights. On the way he was weighed down by whether he would share the informationa with his lover, Cher.

    This was a fun way to start the morning. Thanks, Morgan!

  8. Would you chop that wood and weigh it on your way home? I'll write the directions so you'll know right where to go.

  9. Some of these are real tongue twisters! Great job!

    Any more?

    Morgan Mandel

  10. How much wood would a woodchuck write about if he had the right utensil? Probably no way to guess because the little devil would weigh his options and decide there were already too many books about wood and chucking.

  11. "Would you please weigh me the right way?
    She frowned at her very attractive doctor about whom she had been fantasizing since the first time he walked into the office two years ago. She had hurried home to write her thoughts down, creating an erotic scene that she read and reread many times during her "alone" moments.

    For his part, he both hated and loved when she did the right thing and came in for yearly check-ups. He loved seeing her again, and imagining what was only barely hidden from his view by the skimpy examining gown. But he hated how out-of-control he felt, how he trembled with barely-concealed desire, and how close he came to risking his medical career by acting on his overwhelming urge to seduce her right there in his office...or anywhere, for that matter.
    Focus! He thought.
    "What may I ask, is the right way to weigh you?"

    "Without all of these cumbersome garments on, adding additional weight! You know, nude."

    He felt all of the oxygen leave the room. He had thought he couldn't get any harder than he was when he walked into the room and saw her nipples poking through the gown, inviting him to imagine doing all sorts of things with them. But now he felt as if he had turned to actual wood, and it would be impossible for him to ever not be aroused in her presence again.
    (Can you tell I write erotic romance?)

  12. Would you like to chop some wood?
    If I could, I surely would!
    Do you care how much you weigh?
    If you do, you'll find a way.
    Poetry is what I write.
    Hope I've used all these words right!

  13. "Would you say that you weigh just the right amount for your height?" The nurse waits, her pen poised over a copy of my medical records.
    "Well, I may have a few pounds to lose, but I'm pretty healthy for a woman my age..."
    "Yeah, right," she mutters. "Would you like for me to give you something for that coughing?"

    I hear, "What kind of wood would you like for your coffin?" and cry out, "Oooh, that bad? No way!"

    "Huh?" asks the nurse. Her head snaps up and she sees the look of horror and dismay on my face. "No, not that bad, but you really ought to exercise more. Your cholesteral's a bit high."

  14. My bad - I forgot to mention only family friendly comments here, please! We have visitors from 10 years and up reading our blog. Let them get initiated to what makes the world go round through their parents or TV. (g)

    Anyway, so far, Holly's is the funniest, but all of the examples are terrific.

    Morgan Mandel

  15. I agree - Holly's is definitely a hoot!

  16. Fun stuff!

    Would you like to weigh the wood? Then I'll write the directions, so you'll know which way to go, and then you'll be right.

    Hugs from,
    Catherine Chernow

  17. Two roads diverged in a yellow wood. Which one would she take?

    Toni knew she ought to weigh the decision carefully, but in the end, she drifted down the path of least resistance ... as was her usual way.

    "Did I do the right thing?" she wondered only later. Too late, it seemed, because she couldn't go back. Now all she could do was write, her words drenched in the angst of that long-ago decision and a puddle of her own tears.


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