Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Word Play Tuesday

Word Play Tuesday - The Second Tuesday of Each Month

Time to Play - Today, and every second Tuesday of the month, we play with a chosen word or string of words. I make a choice, offer some uses, then invite you to comment below with a sentence using the word(s) we’re playing with. If you wish, you can use one of my phrases below and expand on it, or you can make up a sentence or paragraph from scratch, as long as you use the monthly word(s).

When you comment, if you have a website or blogspot, be sure to include it along with your name, in case someone really likes what you've written and wants to visit you.

May's Word - Spring
Again, I've picked a versatile word with many meanings. Here are a few examples of its use:

Daffodils are a sign of spring.- A noun denoting a season.
The deer drank from the spring. - A noun for outdoor running water.
How did that spring come loose? - A noun for a mechanical part.
Don't spring that kind of surprise on me. - An action verb.

Now it's your turn. Use the word, spring, in a new example or tie it in with something you've written or read. Or, if you like a challenge, you could use more than one meaning of spring in the same example.

Morgan Mandel




  1. "Spring, your brother dropped the bedsprings down the well into the spring. I need you to spring into town and spring him from jail long enough to spring into action getting those springs out of the spring.

    Ron Berry

  2. Ron, I do believe you've got the idea!

    If anyone has trouble comments going up,I've found if you type it twice it will work.

    Morgan Mandel

  3. I'll return with something original as soon as my mind gets in gear, but for the moment, here's a ditty that's gone around the block a few times:
    Spring has sprung and the bird is on the wing. But that's absurd, the wing is on the bird.

    website: http://www.joanszechtman.com/
    blog: http://rtoaaa.blogspot.com/

  4. Spring is here! So spring into gear and check out my website www.livehappilyeverafter-now.com and see if my book Live Happily, Ever After... Now! 9 Simple Steps to create the life YOU want! will help you put a spring in your step!

  5. Spring springs upon us multiple cliches surrounding spring's springiness, so when speaking of spring, sprang, or sprung one must go lightly as a butterfly and bright as the sun, as well as airy as a spring day, else one will fall prey to the wrong way to express oneself over the springly things of life thst comingle in order to springle. OK...I give up.

    Rob Walker
    Disembodied (an astral projection murder mysery on Kindle)

  6. The spring sprang from the ground and trickled its way through the springs of the discarded mattress.

    Straight From Hel

  7. "The San Marcos Springs spring to life every Spring, while swimmers swim in the spring-fed river, and divers search the underwater springs for rings,springs, and things." Celia celiayeary AT Yahoo DOT com --or---

  8. Oh the joys of spring! Coupling hares spring upwards from the Spring Cabbage patch as deer — surely with springs in their feet — prance around a sparkling spring in awe of the waiting stag.

    Gladys Hobson. (No prizes for guessing I write romance!)
    and my wrinkly Writers blog at gladyshobson.wordpress.com

  9. The sinking mattress creaked. A broken spring poked into his back. Swinging his legs over the side of the bed, Leo winced at the repeated rifle-cracks emanating from his spine, then rubbed the throbbing hip that had been responsible for waking him in the first place. His knee popped as he stood up to stretch, forcing him to grab for the windowsill. “Damnation,” he whispered at the burning ache this action set off in his knotted fingers. His deep sigh triggered a first hacking cough of the day.

    Reaching for the cane that leaned on the wall underneath the window, he looked out to where the pink horizon bled through the trees of a warm spring dawn. Taking a shuffling step toward the bathroom, Leo muttered, “Everything out there is new. Why the hell can’t I be reborn each year too?”


  10. A haiku:

    when the spring winds come
    take care: don't lose your old dreams
    in love with the new

    Website: www.primary-sources.com
    Blog: www.primary-sources.com/blog/

  11. "Every time she springs something like that one us, we fail" She muttered miserably as she walked down the hall. "Oh quit your moaning", the girl the the blood red sweater said. "At least it IS spring"!

    Dana DiGirolamo

  12. Hope springs eternal in the spring.

  13. Hum. Well.

    Spring has sprung,
    the flaers has reis,
    n I know whar
    some daisies is.

    That's whut my mama tole ME! with her tu-lips!

  14. You probably think I've forgotten to use the word in this sentence which seems to go on and on waiting for that longed for full stop, but you would be wrong and perhaps to this end your eye already did spring.


  15. I used to have a spring in my step, but now I just have a hitch in my get along.

    Okay...that was lame, but true. Now Spring on over to http://mizging.blogspot.com and join in the discussion of the paranormal...and not the genre. :)

    Thanks for the fun, Morgan.

  16. Spring gives birth to new plants and life and hopefully new writing for us all...and new contracts would be nice, too. Thanks, Morgan, for the brain challenge and for the writing community you've brought together.

  17. My poor Finny! He lost his "spring" in his step because of a front left sprain in his shoulder! He is one of the Stars in "The Adventures of Bella and FInny Series"

  18. Spotted spitefully splashing a sasparilla, the spitfire spun and sprang into the spectacular splendiferous spirea patch. spring spirit!

  19. Spring is a time when my eyes itch, my nose runs, and my head aches. Why do I love it so much? LOL!


    The Book Connection

  20. Spring is just around the corner and that means spring cleaning the house from top to bottom. (I tried, Morgan!) Deb http://thebumpyroadtopublishing.blogspot.com.

  21. This was a great word excersise! I see my blog address didn't take so I'll try again. http://thebumpyroadtopublishing.blogspot.com.
    Deb :-)

  22. BRP visitors spring into action on Word Play Tuesday!

  23. I am truly amazed by the great answers here. Hope we get even more!

    Morgan Mandel

  24. “Have you seen the Gaetana Linetti spring collection?”
    No, Senora Linetti doesn't exist; this is a line from my new romantic comedy, Fakin' It which came out yesterday in paperback. We're not allowed to use real names of actors, designers, restaurants, TV shows, or any brand names. So I had to make up a bunch of my own! Diana Rubino

  25. It was the wrong time of year for a hit. I lay waiting to spring the trap, as the assassins were searching the woods by the spring. I was tense, if I were sprung, it would cost me my life. Damn the spring, I felt the sneeze coming, the guns roared seconds after I sneezed. I spring boarded into hell.

  26. By spring 2010 I will have enough money to replace my old mattress whose spring is old as grandma Moses.

    Nicole Weaver

  27. Spring is the most delightful time of the year. Sitting outside, as a gentle breeze blows through your hair, eyes taking in the bounty of color as flowers of all varieties spring up.
    As the temps warm up, a spring is easily put in your step, thinking of the glorious new birth of nature. There is no better time than Spring!


  28. Good thing this isn't a contest. There are so many great examples I wouldn't know which one to pick.

    All I can say is -
    Happy Spring!
    Morgan Mandel


  29. The spring in the boy's watch suddenly came loose, fell to the ground and rolled, ending up in the spring.


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