Thursday, November 19, 2009

Little Journeys by Jory Sherman

I have another book to recommend for gift-giving this holiday season; Little Journeys by Jory Sherman, a wonderful book of short stories.

In the introduction Richard S. Wheeler writes, “All of these stories reach deeply into the human heart, and touch upon the great burdens that life brings to us all. These are stories of optimism, of love remembered, of the unexpected sweetness of grief, of the impulsive kindness that transformed a life and he gives us still more. Jory Sherman is quintessentially a poet, and he brings his mastery of the English tongue to each of these stories.”

After that quote from the introduction, I’m hard pressed to come up with other words to better describe this collection of stories by award-winning author, Jory Sherman. He is well known for his westerns, of which he has written hundreds, but it is his lyrical prose that I enjoy most. The Ballad of Pinewood Lake, a novel that was released in 2001 was my first introduction to the more literary style of this prolific writer, and I immediately thought of that book when I started reading Little Journeys.

Sherman is a gifted writer and the stories he tells of ordinary people in sometimes extraordinary circumstances touch all hearts. All the stories in this book have a recurring theme of a journey to a greater understanding. Sometimes it is about the beauty and majesty of nature. Other times it is about the beauty and majesty of mankind. They are stories to be read and reread for the pure enjoyment of the prose, as well as the subtle life lessons one can glean from the experience.

Jory Sherman, who has been a full-time writer for over forty years, began his writing career as a poet in San Francisco. That poetic influence is strong in all his work, but perhaps strongest in his more literary projects. In addition to writing, Jory is an accomplished painter. Visit his Web site for more about this talented man.

Little Journeys by Jory Sherman. Introduction by Richard S. Wheeler
AWOC.COM publishing
Trade Paperback $12.95
148 pages



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  1. Where is everybody? I'm lonely here all by myself.

  2. With such a resounding recommendation from someone I trust, how could I not check it out?
    Thanks Maryann.

    Straight From Hel

  3. Thanks, Helen. Now I don't feel so lonely. :-)

  4. Sounds beautiful. Short stories are sometimes just enough to fill up a short stretch of dead time.

    Morgan Mandel

  5. Sounds like a great Christmas gift. Sometimes short stories are just the thing. And you give a lovely recommendation.

  6. I'm developing a fondness for short stories and am happy to hear there are so many good options our there. This one sounds wonderful.


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